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The Victoria Inn, Salcombe, Devon. Photo by Chris Downer

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Looks a nice place Sue. Season 4 of Doc Martin, you lucky thing, isn't Martin Clunes delicious, I wonder how many of us women want to take him home and re-educate him. I watched a doco series he did some time ago, going around the island around the UK.

The first Inn I have heard of of is in the Bible, Luke 2 v 7...'There was no room for them in the Inn..' so the term goes back centuries. Are they the same as 'Hostelrys' Sue? I seem to remember one mentioned in Pride and Prejudice too.


I think the name 'Inn' has just stuck from the old days of the coach and horse.
Just started watching season 4 of Doc Martin. He's even more grumpier than every, love the new little dog. In real life Martin Clunes loves animals, he did a documentary about his two heavy horses called Raymond and Ronnie Clunes. He wanted to have them trained to pull a hand plough, it was lovely to watch and he clearly loved those horses and they loved him. Thanks you Joyce...Sue


We, in the USA, tend to call Inns places to stay, like hotels, motels, B&Bs. They may have a small bar and/or restaurant with them. Thanks Sue!! :))
(time, 7:33)


I like to see flowers around a building it certainly cheers the place up. Thank you 48, I hope you like today's trip to Herefordshire...Sue


What a great looking place Sue - I really like to see all of the plantings and flowers used - sure makes the place more inviting! Thanks for a great set today.


I guess as in all big towns and cities you have quiet areas where nothing much happens then you have your not so quiet areas were you get trouble, it's the same here.
I think I told you I come from Rochester in Kent, look it up it has a ton of history.
Today were are off the Herefordshire, hope you will like the pictures Denise. I think my 24 hours are up later on this afternoon so see you then. Thanks...Sue


Sue I live about 1000 miles away in Johannesburg. Its a big city but the suburbs (some of them) are lovely and quiet.


Hi Denise, in the old days an inn was today's pub. Today the word 'inn' is just part of the title of the pub although as you have seen with some of my puzzles we still have the old coaching inns. I see you've posted some lovely pictures of the Cape Town area is this where you are. Thanks...Sue


You know sue Im not quite sure what an "Inn" is. Is it a bar, a cafe or somewhere to sleep. (ignorant S. African.) This one looks so different to some of the others I have seen, more informal maybe.
Thank you sue:-))