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Ponder These

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So happy my earrings still fit ☺☺ thx for a fun puzzle ♥


Someone gifted me this in an e-mail. Who better to share it with than my Jigidi buddies.


oh me too foxy......I can hardly see to type this.....LOL.....everyone was funnier than the last.....
this is wonderful lefty.....did you find this or just make itup??....whichever.....I am still post!!!!!....robin


Lefty, you're a legend. I had tears in my eyes reading these. The Roadrunner got me most of all. The chocolate, I am sure, is absolutely accurate ☺

Pondered and laughed til I could not stop. Thanks


Love these! Thank you, Lefty.
Frankly, I plan on being vigilant to make sure this one leaves, too.


That must be quite a collection you have by now, @generic_bear2. I'm looking forward to being able to put this behind us with some valuable lessons learned. The price has been way too high, but giggles do help us cope.

THANK YOU for the giggles!!! I save lots of things I have found about the Covid issue, and label it giggles. Then go and read it again when the depression sets in. This is the latest add on! Thank you!


I'm just hoping the chocolate message in lower corner is true.


This is too funny, but sadly it is soooooo true. I love the one about the mask and gloves. THAT is really funny to me. thanks for sharing. We need more humor.


Glad you enjoyed it, Kakirleis.


Thanks, Lefty50, for the amusing pandemic puzzle!

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