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A villa in Cantabria, Spain, designed by Antoni Gaudi

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Have you ever seen a building like this?

This here is ‘El Capricho’ – a villa in Comillas, Cantabria, Spain, designed by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi (1852 – 1926).

The villa was built in 1883-85 to use during summertime for a client. The client, however, never came to use the house as he died before it stood finished. The house then became a summer residence for other people who could afford the impressive building.

If this building intrigues you, you can read much more about the impressive work and history of Gaudi here or get a great quick (ca. 4 minutes) introduction to Gaudi and his most famous work in this easy-access short video ‘Who is Antoni Gaudi?’.
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A beautifully designed building.


I agree to both of you!…didn’t had that chance to see any of them live, but we can do a virtual tour…not the real thing though 😌 Lucky you! Enjoy your day ☀️


I just LOVE Gaudi's work! He was amazing, and you're right Carolina. Waaaay ahead of his time! (❛ᴗ❛)

This was just beautiful to do. Thanks for the share. I live in Spain and have been to Barcelona and seen some of Gaudi's work. He was way ahead of his time.


How wonderful people can be creative!
Always amazing me 👍
Thanks for the link for the video 😊

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