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At the Semperoper in Dresden, Germany

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Precious lace forms the inner stage curtain of this famous opera house.
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  1. MamaEule0:51
  2. PLG19581:06
  3. Zebrapleco11:12
  4. steve59111:17
  5. gigigirl1:32
  6. bluebird421:45
  7. NGausF1:49
  8. worsheep1:51
  9. SharonHen1:52
  10. mross1:55


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Another great opera by our friend Puccini, a great dramatic work of art and sound. I'm afraid I only have that one on CD, the record album warped in the heat and I had to replace it with a CD, it is still great and powerful. Walk in peace, it's 6:50 a.m here now, I've been up since 4:30 a.m. had coffee and breakfast and luxuriated in the aroma of Turandot wafti9ng by ;-) Have a splendid day there Céline.


It's half past noon here in Germany, so I have enough time left to enjoy your good wishes and listen to 'Tosca' 😁!


You're too kind Céline, I have the delicious aroma of Puccini to enjoy with my morning coffee and waffle ;-) It must be evening there for you, may your dreams be filled with Puccini's Turandot. Blessings are sent for you my friend, stay safe.


@PLG1958 @bluebird42 I'm so happy you see the wonder in this incredible piece of lace, too. Thanks for your nice comments!


@eagleboi You are a true conaisseur of music, my friend! I have a very good sound system, but it's CD's I hear for classic (if at all - I enjoy that most when I can hear it live). I do hear a difference, though, when I'm with record-owning friends.
But I'll put Puccini on the plate for you - and hope the delicious aroma wafts over to your house 🤗😉!


*W*O*W*. That's incredible. Magnificent really is the best word. Thank you Céline.


Oh, this is magnificent! Thanks so much for posting it!


Ahhhh now I'm going to have to get out my Records, not CDs but records, there is more true sound in records if you keep them properly. I do have CD's and still a lot of records ;-) I'm going to have to check the stylus before I put Puccini on the player. Digital CDs have good sound but not true to the fidelity of a record.


@eagleboi Wow - another opera friend! 'Nessun dorma' belongs to my most favourite pieces of music! Puccini was truly something, wasn't he? I even have a cook book with excellent food to go with his music 😁!


My favorite opera is Turandot by Giacomo Puccini, such beautiful music and story. I saw this many many moons ago.


@eagleboi Let me tell you, it's awesome. I love opera since a very young age; this very famous opera house in the east of Germany was one I never saw but always wanted. Finally, for a round birthday I got my wish and was invited to an opera there. To see this huge lace fan was one of the highlights of that evening. Best wishes, Jim!


So very nice Céline I would love to see this in per, in use. TFS my friend.

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