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Baby Ladybug ♥☺♥

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These are very welcome larvae on our plants, they eat the not so welcome aphids ! ☺☺
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@Bikerkath - (some 24 hours later☺☺☺) ....thanks and goodnight to you too, Kathie! It's now 10:30 PM and in Ireland it is 9:30 PM. We have one hour time difference with the UK and Ireland! ☺☺☺


Goodnight! I have to remember, 4 pm here, 10 pm at your house?! 6 hrs, like Ireland, yes? I've traveled around Ireland three times, 1998 with a backpack & a bus pass; 2003 with both sons & 2008 a week's stay in a Castle in Mullinahone, 2nd week in Tipperary with a cruise up the River Suir...anchored & had tea in the middle of the water! oh my!


Thanks, Kathie. I haven't solved it myself yet, but I will in a moment. It's all about sharing and having fu. I also love learning (sometimes teaching☺☺) here on our Jigidi University! :-))


We crossed, nillie. I don't really know much about insects, but I do know they can be very useful in nature. Since Liertje takes so many macro photos of insects he looks on special sites to determine them, we've learned a lot about them too. Many, if not all, are very useful!
Thanks, good night and have a great Sunday! ♥♥


This was fun, introduced to a strange new, but not really, bug! I Love ladybugs! A friend of mine painted a couple flat rocks to look like them & I love them! Yeah, getting over my need for speed, as the beauty & education we get from this site is the winner!


Thanks for your comments, Faye, Anne, Kathie, GG, Marilyn, thurman, Ella, schutkleur, tisketsmum. I'm very happy with those creatures and I'm glad I could introduce it you by sharing its' photo!☺☺

This baby Ladybug (and many others in our garden) look fiercefull close up but you needn't worry or be scared, he's less than 1 cm and they help us get rid of the aphids, which is much better than desturbing/killing the wildlife in plants with pesticides. They on their turn are also part of the food chain. I really hope you will all be on the look out for them and welcome them in your garden when you have aphids on your plants. The Larvae and the adult beetles can eat 50 aphids or more on a day. A Ladybug will lay her eggs on the underside of a leaf and they look like little yellow dots. I'm ashamed to say that in the past I sprayed my Roses with what I thought was ecologic stuff, but the brand "Bayer" should've rang a bell. With this stuff I didn't actually got rid of the all the aphids probably because 'good' wildlife got killed as well. Since a couple of years I don't use any of the "ugly stuff" and let 'nature' do the job, with a much healthier result for the plant as well. Win-win!!!☺☺☺

Thanks for the link,! In March we hada few Ladybugs in the Canadian Spruce....check out the link :


Definitely new information...I know very little, if at all, about insects :-))) Thanks Impie, good night and have a nice Sunday♥♥



@Bikerkath....don't worry, my score didn't probably show up in the list on your side....I clocked in 6 minutes slower than you. I used to get into the "let's do this fastest" mostly because I was still working my highly competitive job. When I retired I just slowly learned to enjoy the process not race for the time.


OK, everyone's doing this bug! I've been sent home to the US! Fast solvers out there!
I love it, tho! The thrill of being on top now & then! Good job, everyone! Great bug!


I agree @tisketsmum.....


It's a good photo but I'm not sure I'd want to meet one :-)))


Bofferd!! 'k Hoop dat je er meer dan één hebt en dat ze korte metten zullen maken met het ongedierte in je tuin! :))
'k Heb er al twee jaar geen gehad op 't balkon, ze zouden welkom geweest zijn verleden jaar, op de roos ☺♥


@Impie - dropped to bronze! usual! good college try, tho! ha!


I love these little larva! It's so fun to watch them become a chrysalis and emerge as a ladybug. The ones I've seen usually have a little longer tail end, making them look like a very small lizard.


Does seem strange that this strange looking bug turns into a Ladybug. I have seen plenty of Ladybugs in the yard, but will look out for these "little ones" and see if I can pick any out. :)


I have never seen one that I know of. Now I will keep an eye out for these babies.


Great photo, Impie! I didn't realize Ladybugs started out like this! ☺☺


Silver Medal, Impie! I, too, said "ladybug???" But if Atsutsa checked, I believe! and yes
fantastic close up! Oh! purple blossoms?--not Okra, I think they didn't make it
under all that 6 ft of squash leaves; but these are purple string beans! Got 16 so far!
Got one perfect cucumber today! Supper! What Fun! How're you feeling? Cold in VT!


Oh, gosh....he looks like an armed and deadly creature. Really? OK, I checked and wikipedia agrees with you. They look so different from their adult form!


I don't believe you. Those cute little red beetles with black polka dots? LOL 😉💕😉

P.S. Great close-up!

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