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Kakapo - New Zealand - One of rarest birds in the world.

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At last count this ground-dwelling parrot was down to 124 in number. Feral cats & human encroachment on their breeding areas have been the main reasons for their near extinction.


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My pleasure Gene - thanks.
Thanks Gracie.


It is really rare and beautiful! thanks Rob for posting it


Thanks for the posting of this bird robryan


It sure is - Thanks Shirley.
So do I - thanks Lorna.


Beautiful bird. 124 birds is an alarmingly low number - I hope the mission to save them succeeds.


Thanks for posting this one Rob, shame to loose them to Cats.


He sure is whizbang - thanks for dropping by!
Sadly that's the way a lot of species go chickie - thanks.


What an unusual looking bird and I feel bad that there are so few of them because of the cats etc.

Thanks for this picture of such an unusual looking and rare parrot - he's pretty well camoflaged!


So do I Ami - thanks!
I agree totally pg!! We have a big problem with them here in Australia too - & some are enormous.
Thanks timex - nice of you to drop by :))
Yes - I haven't heard of any others being ground dwellers before warbler - thanks.


A ground dwelling parrot..unusual. Thanks Robyn.

He is *so* cute!


Feral cats have killed many ground nesting birds in the US too and if I am out hunting and see a feral cat it is toast. People cannot leave their animals out to roam the world and not be responsible for their actions.


I hope they can bring their numbers back from the brink. It saddens me that so many species are near, or have become extinct.


He's not the most handsome fella is he lyndee :)))
He sure does aggie - green on green!
I think he looks a little sad Laura!! At least the NZ authorities are on to this breed & doing all they can to keep them going.
Thanks Patti:))


Ooooh, so unique!!! Thank you!


He has a sweet little face. I was just at the World Bird Sanctuary in St Louis today. They have a huge array of raptors, plus parrots and other kinds of birds. They rehabilitate birds and release them into the wild. They have a bird hospital, too.


Oh My Gosh!!!!!