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Wednesday mix

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  1. Loren22918:27
  2. BarbaraVdb22:25
  3. krispindl23:38
  4. redwine73125:40
  5. AnselaJonla26:32
  6. angih28:41
  7. troutmma28:42
  8. PepaQuin29:33
  9. noelw30:56
  10. Purplestar731:08


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Thank you!


Lovely -- thanks again. I was away when this was posted -- so glad to have found it now. Please keep 'em coming!


Thanks so much barb10, addict, siso, Gail, SassyRider and Willy for all of your comments!

It's lovely to know you all enjoyed it, and thank you for the kind wishes ~ I am on the mend.

God bless you all : ))


Great that you was posting Debs. I was enjoy this one for a long time! lol 1:12:31 pleasure.

Really enjoyed this puzzle. Thanks !!


Lots of fun. Missed you!

Welcome back. Don't like all the blacks, but it's good to see you back again.

Great to see your puzzles back. Thank you for another awesome puzzle. God bless. Hope the injury heals well.


Debs, so nice to see you back. Great puzzle. God bless and keep you well.


Thanks Veronica, it's so lovely to be back!! I have been in hospital again ~ I collapsed 3 weeks ago and now have 20 sutures in the back of my head. I'd sooner be here with Jigidi.

Thank you for your kind wishes, and I hope you enjoy it, and I hope all is well with you : ))

Debs, glad to have you back! Haven't even started this puzzle yet but I already know I'm going to love it. Thanks, hon. I hope all is well with you (and I know that 'well' is relative).

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