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Pink and Grey Galah....

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Photo taken by me..... From across the street into the neighbor's tree.... So good of the Galah to sit still....


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Thank you, Jill... I'm still awed at the sights here... It could happen... I never thought I'd see them.... Hugs to you Good Buddy.... :) :)


How totally cool it would be to see such a beauty in the yard across the street! It is so gorgeous! Thanks, dear one!


Thank you Maryma, they are indeed beautiful as are most of the birds here... I understand they do give farmers a bad time, which is a shame... We need the farmers food... Makes for some tough decisions.... Glad you enjoyed the puzzle.... :) :)

You're welcome, Patti... I know you love birds.... :) :)

Yes, Robyn, I did use PG's glue, it worked really well... The two beautiful Galahs you posted inspired me to go find this photo and work it into a puzzle.... Thanks for the inspiration... :) :)

Thank you, Shirley.... :) :)) :)))

These are gorgeous birds, Pat... Thank you.... :) :)

The frame matches the bird's coloring. Lovely.


They really are a beautiful bird, Thank you sally, for this lovely picture.:):)


Just beautiful Sally - did you sneak some of pg's glue onto the branch? Must be a cousin to the 2 that I posted the other day!!


Wonderful Sally! Thank you!


These birds are beautiful especially when in flocks, the females have red eyes and the male black/brown. In some agricultural areas of Aussie they are classed as pests as they help themselves to most grains and fruits grown by our farmers. Love the frame.