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Wednesday's Flowers

48 pieces
102 solves
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Bizarre! I was wondering why this only had four solves after two hours of being posted. Now I see that it disappeared from the 'line up' shortly after it was posted. I know that I didn't delete it. So now I see the first glitch in the new Jigidi (unless someone managed to report this as being inappropriate). Well, I suppose the flowers do look a little drunk....but still!


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LOL! Mary, you just keep on dancing. ;-)

PJ, so, you noticed that the flowers look a bit tipsy. ;-) I'm glad my flowers are back too, in spite of their misbehavior.

Mandy, good girl. ;-)

Josie, are you saying that I should make this larger? LOL!

Amy, I'm so glad that I can be a part of brightening up your day. :-)

Thank you, my dear whatnauts. :-)


A beautiful bouquet!


I loved it! I always enjoy your flower puzzles; they brighten my day! :-)


Wonderful, if it had been any bigger I would have been here all night, just, really fun. Thank you.


I wondered why you had only posted 3 puzzles under this alias when I looked out for your puzzles earlier... now I know why? I always bookmark puzzles from the list of puzzles posted by a user, but I can see how this problem occurred if people are bookmarking from a single puzzle page. I'm going to bookmark it now.... carefully!!!!


Yes Wendy - it's wonderful that you and your flowers are back. I don't think they grow in wine, but I do see your point. Whatever, we love your flowers.


Oh, how wonderful! A Wendy flower again! I even made the board temporarily at 6:43. Doing the Flowers Flowers and More Flowers Dance! Thanks, Wendy!


Ardy!!! You are one SMART lady! And luckily, I had just gotten done sending Stefan an email about the button being too close and had asked him to read my comments, but YOURS is even better!
You're absolutely right- the least that should be done is to have "Do you really want to report this puzzle?"


It's such a gorgeous puzzle, Wendy. I've thought ever since they let some of us in to the new version that "Bookmark" and "report" were too close together. I would like to see a function that would come up if you clicked "report" that would say "Do you really want to report this puzzle?" or something like that. Thank you for this beauty. I knew when I was scrolling through recent puzzles that it had not been on your profile page, either of them.


OHHHHH, which means that the "Solve puzzle" and "Bookmark" buttons are WAY TOO CLOSE to the "Report" button!


YIKES! It was TWO hours ago. Well, I see that it has suddenly appeared again, so someone must have reported it by mistake...and it was just reinstated.