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My sweet, sweet rescue kitty, near the end of her 22 years. She came with an apartment I moved into in Chicago--the previous tenant asked "Do you want the cats, or should I have them put to sleep?"

"No! No, I'll take them, definitely." He never told me their names, so I named them by their behaviors. Curiosity was a marmalade tom who investigated everything. Serendipity was a long-haired calico who immediately found the fluffiest pillow, and curled up on it.

And for three days as I waited for my furniture to arrive, living in the 2-bedroom apartment with only a bedroll, 2 pillows, and a suitcase, I thought the previous tenant had relented, and kept the little black kitty I'd glimpsed during our walkthrough. Then in the evening, I was reading, Serendipity curled up by my side, and Curiosity lounging in the window, looking for nightbirds or bats or moths to chase. And out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of movement. Both cats in view, so it couldn't be them.

A mouse? Surely they'd have chased it if it were. I got up, and checked all the rooms. Empty.

Was that a noise in the kitchen? Empty.

The two boys were still in the living room, but watching me now.

Another whisper of noise in the kitchen... behind the fridge, maybe? I got my flashlight, and peered into the shadows behind, beside... and at last, *under* the fridge. And 2 glowing eyes peered back at me, and hissed a little. She'd been living under the fridge, and only creeping out when I wasn't home.

I christened her Antipathy. It took about 2 months for her to brave being in sight, 2 years before she'd climb into my lap. She was little and lithe like a kitten, but never grew bigger. She was old enough to have been both spayed and declawed previous to my arrival in her life.

She was with me more than 21 years. Never weighed more than 6 and a half pounds. Eventually, after three more moves, she got brave enough to let visitors see her. When we lived in smaller towns, she would "a-a-a-a-a-a-a" after wildlife outside the window, imagining herself catching her prey, be they moths or birds, or--one memorable afternoon--deer, grazing in the side yard. My diminutive black panther, thinking thoughts of glory.

As she got more used to--and tolerant of--people, we shortened her name to Annie. She is still my favorite cat.
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Thank you! Delighted to remember her.

A beautiful story from a beautiful soul to care so much for such wonderful creatures in a precarious circumstance. This is what 'love' is all about.


What a wonderful story, with which I can relate to in part... My first cat was very timid & took 2yrs before she would come to me - she didn't like women as she was kept tied up in a shed by an old lady. She'd never been in a house before & I was told to block up any holes or crevices. One day I couldn't find her - I found her behind the gas cooker. She was always very timid of visitors & would hide if anyone came. I was heartbroken when she got a tumour under her eye (I thought she'd been stung by a bee). She was fourteen & wouldn't have coped with an operation to remove it so she had to sadly be put down. A friend came with me. I still miss her so I understand.


Bless her AND you!!❣️


Thanks for your comments! I suspected the previous tenant was going through a lot. The apartment had baby toys, crib, and all the stuff a newborn might want--he did say his wife had just moved back to her parents. So my guess is, the cats were "hers" a bit more than "theirs."

Tears. How could anyone be so callous. What a special love you had,


WOW! That is a long life. I'm so glad you were able to adopt the three babies. Doesn't sound like the previous tenant even liked cats. Antipathy/Annie is a darling. She must have endured a lot to be so timid. But I'm glad she took to you and she became your favorite! Thanks for posting your story and photo.




Thank you.

This story brought tears to my eyes – – the callousness of Annie's previous owner, and the beauty of your soul in taming and caring for her right through to her twilight years…

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