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Uh, oh! It's snowing again...

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Today we're supposed to get a couple of inches of snow. Normally, that would be shruggable, but it's also the day temperatures are supposed to approach freezing. You can see by the size of the flakes that this snow is wetter than the dustings we've been getting at the colder temperatures.

The issue is that if we get wet snow, it will tend to stick to the branches - branches already loaded with ice and bent over to provide more surface. If it then freezes (temps back to single digits over the next few days), it provides yet more surface for the next snowfall, and the risk of continuing or additional damage to trees increases.

And by the way, the ground feeder is working after all. The squirrels dug out the snow to get at the seed; now I toss some seed in each time I go out, and blue jays, doves, juncos and sparrows have been using it. In fact, in the morning after the -10°F night, I saw a small bird which had used it for shelter.

In further developments, the squirrels have stopped coming to the feeders since I spread the corn along the edge of the woods - 3 of them out there this morning feeding.


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It was probably the Tug Hill Plateau, the section at the east end of Lake Ontario which gets huge amounts of snow, and is getting significant snow today. It is more or less the western foothills of the Adirondacks. I don't think I've ever heard the Adirondacks or Catskills referred to as "plateaus".


Thanks, dondi. It must have been the Adirondack Plateau they were talking about this morning. In October of 2011, my sister and I combined a "leaf peeper" ride with a Roads Scholar trip to Sagamore, the Vanderbilt's great camp We toured the Morgan's camp, Uncas, too, and the Adirondack Museum Then we drove up to Lake Placid and White Face Mountain. It is beautiful country in all seasons.


The Catskill Plateau is the southern New York mountains, northwest of New York City, but south of the Buffalo/Rochester/Syracuse/Albany line which more or less defines central New York. The Adirondacks are north of that line, and I'm north of the Adirondacks, in the St. Lawrence River valley (the St. Lawrence flows from Lake Ontario to Nova Scotia, and in its first section it defines the US/Canada border).


I saw the national weather forecast this morning and they mentioned the Catskill Plateau, if I'm remembering correctly. Is that your area or are you further north?