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Onwards from the mountain farm, Norway!

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This is how the road continued, everything powdered with snow. A fairyland to move through. As you can see the road was no problem!!


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Ardy I can understand you don't like that ice roads. And you are right they are dangerous. But here they salt the roads and then it's mostly good to drive. Yes Hanne it's a fairyland.


I don't mind books at all, Ardy, on the contrary!! It was a horrible experience, ice you can't see is the worst of all!! So glad you came out of it safe and sound!! We could see that this road wasn't icy because it had been salted and the temperature was about 32 or a little more. But indeed we take care. We always have winter tires on the car that stand better on snow and ice!! Thanks so very much!!


It is beautiful, Hanne. But roads looking like this scare me. I was driving through a hilly area (can't call them mountains for people who are used to Alps) but it looks somewhat like this. The road was like this - looked clear Not much traffic fortunately. I pulled over to pass a car and went into a skid and ended up in a corn field. It was black ice. I indulged in a few seconds of nerves. Started the car (it had stalled) and drove it back to the edge of the road but couldn't get any farther. A family going north (I was going south) stopped and gave me a push enough to get me back on the road. We exchanged travel information first. They hadn't realized how icy the road was until they tried to stop to help me. It was an experience I'd not like to repeat!! Didn't mean to write a book. Thanks, Hanne. It is a lovely picture.