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Can you spot the hidden animal? This is another tough one..clue later in comments.

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Well, I think I can see an eye and maybe a nose, but no idea what of 😸😸😸


Yeah, let's wait and see if my "bear" is a dog. 😎


I hope that tree didn't fall on him! (still can't see him!!!)


Marion, now that you have told me what I'm looking at and where I can see it. I thought the dogs face was a deer's head. This one was tough! Thanks for posting it and helping us find it.


I'm going to repost this tomorrow with the circled answer. After you solve the puzzle, be sure to enlarge it and you'll see the black dog with his eyes looking out at you and his mouth open and tongue hanging out (panting). So, it's only the dog that counts in this picture. Tomorrow, do the repost and then scroll down to this picture without the answer and tell me if you can see it.


A bear's face toward the back?


Don't know what it is but I see something. Thanks, Marion.


Looks like something in the lower left corner--but darn it, the thing keeps disappearing! Some shining eyes looking out of the dark recess in the middle too. All imagination, methinks.

I see a black & tan dog under the far, left pine.

Zvíře jsem našla ale nejsem si jistá, co to je... opice? Díky Marion

I can see a Deer's nose and part of its face but that's about it.


Okay, looking again, I think I see a fawn, or a deer (don't see fawn spots)


I see something under the pines that could be the head of a black animal (just eye and mouth). Maybe a bear.


Sorry, guys...not a cat, rodent, or owl. Keep looking...he's peeking out of the pines and even has his mouth open.

I see a small rodent, an owl and a cat. Any of them close? :)


I think I see a cat of some sort

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