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I'd say chances are I'm 99.9% sure I joking. If it's something recent that's got me down I'll let you know. But I might still make light of it. What better way to get over something then finding a way to laugh about it. It's trying to keep things clean when I'm joking around. Now that's hard. lol My 21 year old grandson is either telling me I need a filter or he's sending me to my room.


Keep on fighting Janet, it’s the only way to win. And yes, yeah you. Sometimes I’m not sure when you’re joking, so if I laugh and you’re not joking please tell me. I think you’ve got a great sense of humour.


I really do panic. I would get claustrophobic in an empty auditorium. In one way it's not funny, it's a horrible feeling and I hate when I can't control myself. But I try to find something funny in it and my sense of humor it a bit weird. So if you find the funny laugh. I laugh at some of the stuff I've done. After it was over of course. lol There are two types of responses people have during an attack. One is flight and the other is fight. My doctor says I'm a fighter, I won't let it win. yeah me!!!


Oh Janet you make me laugh. Sorry, I suppose it’s not funny if you really do get panicky. No I don’t need a cruise to over indulge either. We had left over beef and pumpkin curry and rice last night, so I’ll have to cut back today for lunch. I’ll just have scrambled eggs.


I don't need a cruise to over indulge. lol Maybe a cruise would. I'd be too panicked to eat.


Just finished this. So pretty. We’ve been on a few cruises. The last one was a relocation cruise and it went from Sydney to Seattle for 28 days, so we only had the one long flight. If I got sick of people I went to our cabin and read or watched TV, but I have to tell you the biscuits and gravy were good, not as good as mine mind you, but pretty good, so I had to be careful not to over indulge. Lol


A cruise sounds like fun but never been. I have social phobia. Get around to many people and I start to have a panic attack. I'm sure he'll watch his diet. His heart attacks were just a few weeks ago and probably still very fresh in his memories. Dinner has not set time. My son and I things, put them in the frig and then it's every man for himself. Or woman. I made this one yesterday.


Hi Janet, I just saw your post on another puzzle. Yes, our son is going well now. He and his wife are on a cruise that they had booked before all this happened. I hope he watched his diet. If you’ve ever been on a cruise you’ll know what the food is like, very tempting, but they do have healthy options. How are you going? I’ve just downloaded this and I’ll get to it in a couple of days. It must be 5:15pm over there and you’re probably getting dinner. Hope you had a good day.

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