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Ten stars for Starlord's Godley & Creme

15 pieces
74 solves
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Hello Gulliver. I have seen this occur occasionally. When the times are the same. or really close, for people, the software randomly sorts the users. I'm not sure how accurately the times are stored. It looks like it may only keep 1/10 of a second, easily creating the anomaly we see here.


Good afternoon Lady Charnley. I think you are having as much trouble as Snooker keeping the non-stars straight. I do not know Gulliver or Littlemurders. I'm in USA, so you will not see me during your morning. (It's hard enough to get sleep between diapers & feedings.) Just so you know it's me:
You quickly solve riddles that to me seem hard,
Is it possible you worked at good ole Scotland Yard?


And we have another 10* for Starlord today, thanks All-Stars ... woo hoo


Is it morning for you snooker ? It's just gone 2.30pm in the UK :))) Good morning ....

Morning, LadyC.