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Real Libyans.

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Oh, please! I never equated the two, and you know it. And, after that flag and cross puzzle, I don't know what you believe anymore...


I see your point, a 14 minute film is exactly the same provocation as murdering 5,000 office workers. Well said.


I didn't say that Americans in general were to blame, or we're pulling the triggers, only that the film did provoke people to violence. It might have been just the proverbial straw with the camel, or a perfect excuse to vent ill will, but it did provoke people, just as the other thoughtless acts by VERY FEW AND UNREPRESENTATIVE AMERICANS do! Don't generalize my comment into a broad attack on the USA! And the last time we reacted with intolerance and violence was in the aftermath of 9/11, when many Americans tarred all people with middle eastern names and faces with the brush of terrorism, and resorted to many acts of hatred...


No, it's what you said, to-wit, "...the 14 minute film that provoked much of the violence...."

Let's see, when was the last time 14 minutes of film provoked Americans into seizing up machine guns and rocket grenades, attacking some nation's embassy and murdering the diplomats. Well......never! I guess Americans are too lazy.


That's exactly what these people are NOT saying.....


Once again, the murder of Americans is America's fault. It was American fingers pulling those triggers, not Libyan fingers.


Peace to your people.

Awesome. Thank you Tidewater for showing this.


Exactly, pdevredis. I am in awe of people in other nations who find a way to communicate, with the US and other English speaking countries, by showing signs in English. The first, I was aware of, was signs in English at Tiananmen Square.


Thank you for posting this! And I would love it if I could find a photo of Americans holding up signs saying that the 14 minute film that provoked much of the violence doesn't really represent us, either! What a world we live in.....