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Colorful Balloons! (small)

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All of these kaleidoscopes came from the same image.


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I will take that as the highest of compliments, oh Queen of Bright Colors!
Thanks, Gail!! :))))))


It's all your fault I've only solved a couple of puzzles tonight. I can't take my eyes off this one!


Katie - :D

Mimi - I am glad you enjoyed them, too!


Cutest balloons I've ever seen!


Thanks Jan! When it was snowing most of the day yesterday I was inspired, and found this cutie pretty fast in Google Images.


Katie - That's what I'm here for!! (BTW, the avatar you have right now always makes me smile!!)

Hester - GREAT looking avatar there! What a handsome fella!!! (and thanks!)


Jim - I am! I am so very very happy that you are enjoying that book! (His new wife got him the Blind Man's Bluff book!).
I want to wish you and all your family: Happy New Year! May it be a healthy, happy and prosperous one!


Very cute, Jan! Bright and cheery and the black shows them up really well. :-))


Bravo Jan! You really put brightness in our day!


Love the colors. I see you are fast approaching your 1 year anniversary with jigidi. Congrats. I sure am glad my daughter made me aware of it, it has become a part of our everyday routine and my wife spends way more time on it than I do. By the way, am really enjoying the book you said your dad was reading. Did you end up getting him "Blind man's bluff" for Christmas. Have a great 2013.


Thank you so much, Hanne!! :D


They are marvellous simply, funny and very sweet!! Thanks so very much Jan!!