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Fall Hodge-Podge!

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181 solves
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Thank you so much, Gail. I always appreciate your comments!!


Who knew that you could get such wonderful kaleidos from hodge-podge? Stunning! Thanks.


You are so welcome, Pat!


Didn't make the board but was fun solving. Thanks Jan


Yay! Now have a wonderful salad!
Thanks goodness no lettucicles! :D

Good news...the lettuce survived!


Hanne, Maybe it was the candles from yesterday that were shining through? Thank you so very much!

Hester - It was hard to make the little gibbons hold still, but finally they all got in a circle! LOL I'm glad you had fun!


Mariasha - I'm glad these gave you such pleasure! But, I am so sorry about the frost! (we had some, too) - Lettucicles! I will be laughing at the name, but sorry about the loss! :) & :(

Ardy - I am NOT giving up on fall until Thanksgiving!! Thank you so much!


Jan those little yellow gibbons holding hands, bottom left are sooo cute! This is a delight!


It is as if you burn candles behind them - this special glow that mariasha talks about too!! They are marvelously beautiful Jan, thanks so very much!!


Jan, These are great. You are finding and posting such beauties to help hold on to fall. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

Boy, Jan, those were spectacular. The way some of them glowed and the incredible depth of color...what a great way to start my morning! I'm afraid to go to the frosted here, and I didn't see it coming and didn't cover my lettuce...hopefully, I don't have lettucicles!


Shopping for fun things, I hope......not the grocery / drug store stuff we'll be doing soon.
Thanks for stopping by!


Love the hodge-podge, Jan! My last solve before I head out to do some shopping. :-)