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Worlds Most Dangerous Animals - Humans

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We have a strange way of leaving ourselves off the list of the most deadly animals when human beings most definitely belong there. Not only are humans responsible for the most human deaths, we have no problem killing everything from plants to animals for our own benefit on a daily basis. Our ingenuity to create ways to destroy other species and each other as well as our ease in doing so definitely puts humans on the list of animals who are very deadly, but rarely mentioned.
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Thank you bdmc for your kind comments. My family was all from the Northern Saskatchewan area, andon our cruise to Alaska last May we went with one of my cousins that grew up and went to school in Melfort. I will ask them if they knew your friend. My wife and I are actually going to make a 10 day cruise down the West Coast from Vancouver to California and back to Vancouver in October. So hopefully I'll be good to go. Thanks again.


Hey Gordon glad to meet you.One of my best friends was from Melfort Sask.His name was Al Fullbrook,one of the nicest folks you could ever meet in our journey of life.Ally and i used to hunt birds with a 22.....We did not need a scope like the woman in your puzzle.If they are indeed that poor of a shot that they need a scope to hit a turkey then i am glad i am not within range of them.I totally agree with your comments about mankind and all the mayhem and damage caused by mankind.We all will pay for the actions of a few.But then again it has always been that way Gordon. Thank you for the nice puzzles you are putting up Gordon.My wife and i travel quite a bit as well and i am sorry you have to cut back on your trips because of health reasons.Take care Gordon and have a nice day........bdmc.........


Man does a lot of bad things however using a picture of turkeys hunters as the basis of your post is inaccurate. Legal sportsmans through licenses and permits are the main supporters of wildlife conservation. Additionally it's funny how people protest hunters but have no problem wolfing down Big Macs or have no concern for the cows, chickens, pigs on the farms. I guess if you buy it already wrapped in cellophane it's okay.

If you wanted to protest unwanted slaughter of animal resources then a better photo would have been African poachers and who are killing elephants, rhino by the thousands for their ivory, or local farmers who poison whole pride of lions because one ate one of their cows. Then I would have joined you.


I'm afraid you're outnumbered Dekker. Thanks for the comments and support RebeccaB, Nana1932, and wolflady. I appreciate them.


Couldn't agree more!!!


Right on, Gordon ! ! !


I agree with your description, Gordon.


Nothing but a couple of hunters out turkey hunting.

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