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  1. Ribs0:05
  2. Syke0:08
  3. hilda450:10
  4. dianajnelson0:10
  5. wshealy0:10
  6. paperoimpazzito0:10
  7. lejaro0:10
  8. SandiT0:10
  9. Ianto0:11
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Thank you Pat, I am on my own so it is no trouble.


Poppy is so lucky to have you, you take such wonderful care of all of them.


She is a lovely, intelligent dog, I am happy to take her.


Lovely to see Poppy again thank you Barbara, you are a good person to take her for walks ☺♥


They get me out Ardy, I don't think I would walk much on my own.


Poppy look friendly. You are a special person to take on walking all three of them. Bless you. Thank you.


Did you mean Poppy, you should see her after she has rolled in something disgusting, one of her favourite things to do.


LOL....very cute story, thanks for telling us, Barbara. Iris is a pretty dog, I love her kind face 🐕


I think she is telling Iris who is top dog.


That is her way of saying Hi


She barks at Iris every day when they first meet then they ignore each other.


She is a cute doggie.

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