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Monkey Business

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And, lesson learned: Lock your trunk.


I know this is supposed to be funny, and it is---sort of. But it just goes to show what happens because people continue to blatantly ignore the rule of virtually EVERY park with free-roaming animals: "Please Do Not Feed The Animals". They become expectant of people feeding them and can become not only a nuisance, as here, but downright dangerous. Some have been known to become enraged or aggressive & attack if no food is forthcoming. And aside from the peril to humans, many babies never reach full maturity because they have never been taught to forage in Nature for their food, and Winter wreaks havoc on them---they often starve. This is particularly true for raccoons in State & National Park campgrounds. They have become dependent upon human food---and most of that junk food. Others, like these, thrive & overpopulate their area. So please 'Don't feed the animals', except birds in your feeders, & teach your children the same---and why they should not feed wild animals no matter how 'cute' they seem.
Sorry, Priscilla, for horning in on your puzzle but it seemed a good opportunity to get the message out. Please forgive. And the puzzle WAS fun to solve. :-)) Thanks................