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If you've got something you want to do, but can't seem to get around to it, here is one.
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Ohhh - I see...... :-)))))




Hanne, it did go trendy. But it was back in the 1980s when I was given one. It was just a pencil drawing on a little piece of paper. It made it from here all the way to New Zealand (see Janet's comment below).I thought maybe it was time to bring it back, so I made this one. Since I made it one recently it is made of photoshop shapes and colors and letters. Easy enough to print it on paper and carry it with you. Once it is printed it will be real enough. ;-))

LOL Jacki. Print 12 if you need to. But you can use one serially. They don't wear out; one can be used for many projects.

Thanks Janet and hugs back to you! This one is to share.


My sister had one that she bought in New Zealand, she's a hard worker so maybe I do need one, or twelve like Jacki2. LOL. Thanks and hugs Jacki.


very cute. i would need about 12 of them. thanks.


SO - just to make it quite clear - there ISN'T such a thing??? Sorry Jacki... but I do understand what you say - BUT somebody might have made a thing like that which went trendy.... :-)))


It's a joke Hanne, it's playing with words. Perhaps an Americanism. For example, "I would really like to buy a horse, but it will have to wait until I get around to buying a barn" In that sentence, "buying a barn" is the IT. "Get a round toit" is the same as "Get around to it" except for the spacing of the letters.


I've never heard of them and wonder what it IS?? Thanks Jacki! :-)))


I never seem to be able to hang onto them long enough to do me any good. That's why I had to make my own! ☺


Thanks Lunie.

I was given one years ago Ardy and nave long since lost it. That was before the advent of Photoshop.


Yours is so much prettier than mine. I'm not even sure where mine is. Maybe that's why I'm not getting around to some things like I should. Thanks, Jacki. Fun.


Playful art jacki!

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