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  1. Dclo1:59
  2. MissJewely2:16
  3. Baylee2:28
  4. hartlova2:52
  5. super10002:58
  6. will59673:00
  7. chelebeau3:02
  8. geertenannie3:10
  9. 6rescues3:10
  10. hyta3:11


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You're very welcome, SARAHARDWICK.
Maybe you were thinking of painting her? lol
The artwork on your site is very impressive.
Best wishes at this difficult time of pandemic.


You're right Cyndi, she seems far away & the kerchief makes her look
a bit wise. I liked the transparent innocence the photo caught.
All's well here though miserably damp wet & grey weather....sigh.
You take very good care too.


Actually I think it is a photograph !!!!


Thank you dear @mandato for this charming little painting.


What a adorable little girl looking at something or in deep thought. Hope you have a good Monday my friend. Please stay safe and well.

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