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Figment 106

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Allow me to introduce a rare sight - the Jigidisaurus Puzzlii.

Found only on the Planet Zorb where it lives in great contentment on the open plains. It is a gentle and peaceful creature with an exclusive diet of jigsaw puzzle pieces. The Central Zorb Plains is where the Jigbits tree (Eucalyptus Signata Jigidii) grows in abundance.

It never solves a puzzle - it simply eats every piece it finds. If you have ever wondered why one or two pieces are missing from a puzzle; look no further. The cat, dog or goldfish did not chew them, hide them or drown them. No more suspicious thoughts about your pets now you know the truth!

PS Of course, one must never trust a vacuum cleaner not to take it's share of carelessly placed puzzle pieces ☺
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Oh Chrissie, this gave me a big smile. Your creativity is endless! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks, Sweetpea. I never would dream of feeding it any of your puzzle pieces! This critter eats only real cardboard puzzle pieces. It tried virtual but it still felt hungry so swore off them.
About the socks... funny you should mention them LOL. Check out the 108 size of this puzzle and the comment left by judyp7276. The reply might help solve that mystery ☺


Chrissie, I love your colorful, whimsical multicolored creature with all those legs and pedicures no less. I love your trees, too, and thanks for not feeding it one of my puzzles, and please tell him there are only virtual puzzles here. I would hate for him to come and be disappointed. He is so cute! I’m afraid I would try to feed him something else only to discover he’s allergic or something. Does he by any chance eat socks? Those sure disappear a lot around here.


Thanks, Ardy. Yes, it must be a relief to know where those stray puzzle pieces went! All those years of wondering...
Have a grand day yourself!


Thanks, Shirley, I knew you'd remember Planet Zorb! That was a fair while ago - nothing wrong with your memory, mate :-) This one may have been away visiting Planet Earth when you visited Planet Zorb so you must've crossed paths. ♥ ♥


Oh, Chrissie, I adore Figment. ♥♥♥ So that's where all those missing pieces went. So good to know. Thanks for the introduction of this special species and exoneration of our pets (especially cats.) Have a delightful day. Stay safe.


Oh yes I remember Planet Zorb from some time back, I never did meet this colourful Jigigisaurus Puzzlii, he must have been hiding behind those colourful palm trees, also pleased to know he is a gentle and peaceful creature. I wouldn't dare blame him for any missing jigsaw pieces, Thanks, Chrissie, he's so cute. :):)


Thanks, tommyo - it was fun to make it too ☺




Thanks, sillychick ☺




Cute & Funny :) TFS ;)

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