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Birthday calendar August Big letters

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Do you want your date and name on the monthly Birthday calendar, please add your date. So I can write it on the calendar. You can add your date at all my puzzles, every day. Your friends will know when you have birthday and I make you a birthday puzzle. Please post Birthday puzzles under themes.
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Aw, thanks. I love to know the colours people like. ♥


I like blue and I like red, pink is nice, yellow is sunshine green grows. Orange not so fond of but one I bought a dark organe tent dress with light orange polka dots about an inch across, I was young and adventuresome. I like all colors but if asked I like blue and red.


So true Marilyn, that was not easy for your mom. ☺ But she did it, and she did it well. It turned out to be a great daughter. ☺♥☺ I added your date and I'll make you a card. And all together we will have a party. ☺☺☺
One question, do you have a favourite colour?


It is a hot month to carry a child and give birth. My Mom told me that as I was born on the 15th.


Work to do sis. ☺☺☺


August is a busy month for birthdays ... Thanks Sis


Thanks Linda. And Micky say hi to you and Simon. Soon she will post her photos again. ☺♥☺ Hugs ♥


I second Linda1802 comment about the hard work you put into the birthday cards. They're always special and very much appreciated. Hope you're feeling better soon. Say "hi" to Miss Micky for Simon and me.


Thanks dear. Hugs ♥♥♥


Thanks Ank for doing this!! Your the best!! :)


You're welcome Patti. Glad you like it. And if you ever like your name on it, just let me know. ♥♥♥


Thank you for doing this, Ank!


Aw LInda we crossed, Thanks for answering Sarah. You are really the best. ☺ Hugs ♥♥♥


Thanks Irene, yes my health improves every day. Pretty soon I will be the old again. ☺☺☺

Wow Sarah, that's a lot to choose from. Thanks, I made a note. ☺ Every month, a few days before the new month starts I post the calendar for that month. So today for August. August 29/30 I will post the calendar for September. It's a success. People like it. And my list is long. ☺☺☺


May I butt in here, Ank, and reply to Kw3sta's question?
Sarah, Ank publishes her monthly birthday calendar mainly so that her Jigidi friends know when her (and their) Jigidi friends have a birthday coming up. Many of them then make a birthday card puzzle for the birthday girl (or boy, or pet). But she also publishes it so that others can join in, like you've just done.
I agree, it's a really nice thing to do and Ank puts a lot of thought (and hard work) into making the birthday card puzzles. Both the cards and the virtual birthday parties which she arranges are very much appreciated by all.
I hope this answers your question.


Favorite colors are purple and blue, my hobby is photography (also puzzles, games, and reading), but I have many collections including unicorns, penguins, rubber ducks, and nativity scenes; so a lot to choose from. How about you, do you make the list available so other people can join in? I think this is a really nice thing for you to do.


You are so thoughtful Ank. I hope you are still healing well. ☺


Hi Sarah, that is a very familiar date for me. ☺☺☺ You can be sure I will not forget. ☺ In November your name will be on the calendar and I make you a card. Don't forget to look at it. ☺ Do you have a favorite colour, any special hobbies? I like to make my cards special. Special for the birthday girl. ☺

Willy , daar ben ik blij om. ☺


Dat is goed te lezen :)


Nov 8th ... but I'm not telling the year! Sarah, a.k.a. Kw3sta

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