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  1. jay30000:02
  2. mapletree0:36
  3. Ribs0:41
  4. Iammjc0:45
  5. Noahboddi0:46
  6. jls260:48
  7. Cccvb0:57
  8. JUNKMAN0:58
  9. resmut0:59
  10. GmaNiNi1:00


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My family works on the Mississippi River and we only see container barges down by New Orleans.
But my daughter is in love with the state of Washington. I fear we will lose her to the west coast sometime soon.

I thought it was Puget Sound, but wasn't really sure. Thanks for clarifying.


GmaNiNi it's Puget Sound, Mukilteo shoreline. We see lots of freighters that come up to the Southmost Port of Everett to deliver goods to and from Boeing. The Pier picks the containers up and delivers them to Boeing's own train - that then takes a very, very steep upgrade up to the Boeing Factory.

What river is this? or is it along the ocean shore?

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