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My BFF (best fur friends) and Kaleidos

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These three characters in the centre of the puzzle are my much loved fur friends. Gem is the oldest, she's 8. She had an unfortunate incident when she was only 12 weeks old - strayed into a neighbour's yard where a party was going on. Few inebriated younger folk and she arrived home much later when in the evening with a mutilated face! Vet said it was blunt force trauma and suspected she was kicked or some heavy object collided with her face. So after the assessment and a couple of grand ($) later she had her broken jaw and face operated on. She healed well but it turned her into a non-trusting cat. Only I can pick her up (and I have to do it quickly before she realises!) and will often let out an angry meow if she's patted. But she is okay really, she just appears grumpy and never lashes out in anger. Just if she's scared.
I got Storm two years after Gem - to keep her company as I'd often bring my grandies' young cat home to look after when they went on holidays and it was so cool to see them playing and sleeping cuddled up. Ah, but I didn't realise Gem didn't want ME picking her a new playmate ... so they don't play a lot, and definitely don't snuggle up together. As feisty as Gem is, Storm is the total opposite. Not a "lap" cat but very timid and could almost be seen as shy. She has never shown any signs of aggression.
Then a year ago I got Chip as a puppy, just after Covid restrictions here in NZ were lowered and I could drive 3 hours to collect him. He wants to be best friends and playmates with the cats - but they don't appreciate his attempts at friendship. He stays well clear of Gem, learnt the hard way how long her reach is, but does try to snuggle up close to Storm when she visits me in bed early each morning. But he's a dog & cats don't like dogs (her thinking). So it's a stalemate.
That's my brood - each has their own individual personality and temperament. Wouldn't swap any of them for the world. They make me smile a lot. Hope you enjoyed hearing about them ☺️❤️
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Of course you should NEVER confront strangers, particularly not like those. But I tell you something, most likely drunk, but not every drunk is so savage to animals, they must be abusers in the first place.
I am sure she knows you saved and love her, is just that kind of fear never goes away.
Our Sebastian sometimes acted fearful as if we were mean to him and we adored him, all of them... sometimes is just a movement or taken unaware and they react to the memory of when they were abused.


@BirdNana It was a party of a group of tradies who were here in our city doing repair work after our earthquakes - they were from overseas (Ireland) and renting the property behind mine. And a lot of them sounded quite drunk, I wasn't going to go over there and confront them. They had friends invited so it may not have been those who were the renters that did the damage. And I couldn't prove anything so my main aim was getting Gem sorted. I'm sure that's what has affected her personality. Hey, I tell her every day she's lucky to have me as I saved her life - but it makes no difference lol!

There should be a SERIOUS punishment and law consequences for those that abuse animals. (~_~)


Hi @szsand - pleased you enjoyed my puzzle and story behind it. ☺️


Sweet fur babies....thanks for sharing


Thanks @mother123456 - I've always had pets in my life, it's sad when we lose them & upsetting when they get injured or sick. My three don't really "fight" but do have bouts of "vigorous playing" lol This is usually indicated by bits of Storms fur on the carpet in the mornings. The cats have a game of chasey most nights.

Thanks for your story Trish237! We've had dogs and cats in our lives too. It's not always easy to see them fight but they didn't do it much. the children were off to the rescue if it happened when they were close.

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