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Weather Chart
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You are welcome Irisriver.

Voronica, so sorry for the late answer, my hubby was in hospital in July-August and I was very worried, no time even for solving puzzles..If you like hot climates without rain with friendly people, nice food, sunshine and crystal blue sea, without dangerous fish, Greece is for you.


I have been catching up on bookmarks. This is a perfect weather puzzle. grins!☺


@MarinaNephele, Marina, Greece always looks like a great place to visit when it's show on TV. One of my most favorite movies "Shirley Valentine" it's an old one now, was filmed there and it always makes me want to visit. I wish I'd done it years ago, traveling now seems just too much of a bother for me. Hopefully, in the next few years it will be easier again. Enjoy your weather and the scenery. Hugs* Voronica~


Wow, Marina, what a difference! I would not like to live in the center of Athens, but a suburb with fresh and healthy sea air...I would not say no to that ☺


You have pretty cold weather, Brightie.. put on your coat and stay warm.


Jaklien, I live in a suburb south of Athens (about 12km distance), near the coast. The sea is close to my house, I see it every day. The coastal suburbs have a different climate than the centre of Athens. We have a sea breeze all year round and the weather is always milder here. These suburbs were built with gardens around the multi-apartment buildings and the county planted short trees on the pavements. We also have a delta of three rivers nearby.. which attracts loads of birds.
Athens on the other hand is made of reinforced concrete buildings raised one next to the other and apart from the space of our National Gardens in the centre of Athens, there are no trees around.. just packed buildings. There the temperature will go up to 41 degrees or higher on Thursday with no breeze at all.


Today was a little better 11 degrees celcius ☺♥☺ xxxxxx


What a relief. I thought you lived not far from Athens, hence....


Jaklien, thanks for your comment. The severe heat wave applies to central and southern Greece only, in the north they have different climate : it rains often and it is much colder during winter. Temperatures are going to rise up to 41 degrees in the centre of Athens (the Acropolis) but not where I live..We have a nice cool wind coming from the sea towards the coast. Right now we have a sea breeze and 30 degrees C.


My dear Marina, I just read: "Greece braces for severe heat wave.
Meteorological Institute EMY predicts that temperatures will skyrocket from Tuesday as hot air is brought in from North Africa. The mercury could rise as high as 41 degrees locally on Wednesday. The heat wave is expected to last until early August.

Even after the sun goes down, people can no longer count on cooling. The mercury is expected from Tuesday even at night not below 25 or 26 degrees.

Continuing heat can have harmful effects on people's health. It is also feared that wildfires will soon spread across the country. There has been little rain in recent weeks and strong winds are predicted."

When I was there it was 39.9°C, really not fun!

I wish you lots of coolness! ♥


Meant the weather was uncertain Marina.


You are welcome Jill, I'm glad you like it.


How cold is today, at your part of the World, Brightie?


Cindy, the chart is for know their vocabulary.. at least that's where I've got it from..


Hi Andie..I like the joke, it applies to Irish and UK weather too.. I like warm weather too but we would do with some rain..It hasn't rained in Athens since the beginning of June..


Why R U uncertain, Surfer?


Hi Ashanhu, I think charts like that are for students.. or people interested to learn about the weather phenomena..


Well at least it mentions all sorts ! I choose the 12th and 14th pictures ,I will ignore the rest .
Reminds me of a joke about the weather in Brittany : "in Brittany it only rains twice a week :the first one lasts four days,the second three days" Lol.
Thanks Marina.


Cute chart and theme puzzle. Thanks


our is FREEZING ♥☻♥ xxxxxxxx


Interesting weather chart.....Anyone that doesn't know the English could easily tell what the weather was going to be....


Unsertain .... as usual.


Marina, thanks for the vocabulary.

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