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Merry Christmas Tree Broach and Thank You Letter

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Good morning and Merry Christmas Jigidi Friends all over the world. Thank you for being an important part of my life through the years.

I have loved solving all the creative and interesting puzzles here. I have really enjoyed creating my jeweled collages for you, and most of all I have enjoyed making friends with so many people from so many parts of the world. I have enjoyed sharing weather reports, cultural differences, words, foods and customs. It has been a safe, happy place for me.

I thought it was time to let all my friends now I am quite "not well" and life is getting hard as it winds down. I am in end of life cancer. I haven't battled it or died from it, I have lived, and I mean lived through it. I have chosen not to share my cancer through the years with friends or family because I chose not to let it define me or who I am.

I have to leave home and the computer I am taking with me doesn't have my puzzle making program on it and Picasa is unavailable for download anymore, so I can't make new ones. I am going to transfer some puzzles I already have done and will try to post them after the first of the new year when I am settled in my "new home."

I will continue to post my simple puzzles on my Pinknblack puzzle page, as they are simple, non-collage puzzles and I have hundreds all ready to post.

Thank you for all the wonderful posts through the years, I have enjoyed and appreciated each and everyone. Thank you for the hundreds and hundreds of hours of puzzle fun and friendship.

Merry Christmas and Love to All, Grandma Pegs.
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Peggy, Dotty and Trish. Today is so much better. The medicine for my shingles makes me sleep, which has been a very goo thing. I hate the thought of sleeping my life away, but it is the best way to deal with shingles, because even showering hurts with them, and I so look forward to my daily shower. The worst is behind me. All your concern and cyber hugs have been appreciated more than you will ever know. Getting ready to post a batch of puzzles I have been working on while I have been down. Beautiful artwork of fish. I think I am going to go back and make a second set, as I didn't use all the labels, they are similar, but different. Life is good. Hugs to you all.


And hugs from me! I know shingles pain is horrible and I’m so sorry you are going through it, again. It was good to hear from you and glad you had a sunshiny day to look at. I think about you every day and you are in my prayers.


Hugs from me, too, grandmapegs. So hard to have pain on top of pain. Love to you! Dotty


Hi Grandmapegs - so sorry to hear you've had shingles, I hear from others how painful they are so feel for you. Wish I lived closer and there was no Covid so I could visit and give you the biggest hug! Sending blessings to you across the ocean ❤️


Thank you all, dear friends, for you concern and care. I will pop in and out and hope to even put up some puzzles now and again. This week has been so hard, got a bad case of shingles. This is the sixth batch in about four years. Min go internal and when they hit my right side they seem ten times as bad as my left. I'm on some good medicine that really helps. I have no immune system left and it doesn't take much to get a case of them. Not complaining. just saying. Sun shone here all day. So beautiful to look out and see the snow covered mountains.

O M of the Bs, your courage leaves me breathless. All I can wish you and yours with all my heart is the easiest least painful - emotionally and physically - days and nights to come. It has been my privilege to have known someone as inspirational as you and I thank you thank you for all the wisdom and pleasure you have shared. And for that great gift you have shared of telling us and not leaving us hanging and worrying. You have thought of others throughout.


@dotshell @webpeggy It is indeed a sad day when we read about what Grandmapegs has been enduring silently all the while posting puzzles for us to enjoy. It is through her I have made wonderful friends like you both, so for that I thank her. Wishing you both a happy Christmas in these difficult times. ☺️❤️


Oh, Peg, I was so excited about doing the puzzles, I hadn't read your whole post. I have no words, only great sadness. I cherish your friendship on Jigidi and the fun conversations we have had. Thank you so much for trusting us with this news. Reaching out to you with prayers. God be with you and your family this Christmas. Dotty


What a beautiful array of Christmas tree brooches, Pegs! The blue in the center and the white in the corner are so elegant, and then some are whimsical. The combinations of colors just make me smile. I think my favorite is the dark pink/green on the right, but that light gray also caught my eye! Thank you! Dotty


Oh Peg I don’t even know what to say or how to say it through the tears. I started out loving your puzzles then came to love you and treasure your friendship. I think of you as the other Peg; the wise one! You are indeed a wise and kind soul and helped me so much when I lost my dad. Yet you kept your pain and losses mostly quiet. I wish I could have been a help to you. You have so many friends here who all love you and are going to miss you so much. I wish you peace as you move to your new home and beyond. God bless you Peg.

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