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Cat in the Alley, Grimaud, France (medium)

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From my travel photo archive
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  1. Syke5:53
  2. downonthefarm6:08
  3. scanchas7:15
  4. olando7:22
  5. maja19407:28
  6. JJ0137:35
  7. Patrizia10:22
  8. 4Sunshine11:40
  9. Peony11:48
  10. tifosi13:49


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@4Sunshine Thank you, kindly. The key to successful photos to me is seeing unusual and lovely things around us. Today's cameras (and in my case many times phones) take care of the rest.


Just lovely. You are quite the photographer Jerry. Get well and stay strong.


Thanks Jerry, you have a good eye for turning ordinary things into very special moments and that is a gift my friend. As someone else has just told me.... stay positive and test negative! Quite good wasn’t it!


@maja1940 @Isaly Thank you, my friends. The little hill towns we visited in Tuscany were each delightful. Several have become vacation towns for city dwellers with a small population of year-round residents.


What a beautiful walkway. Love the stone wall against the stone walk.


Beautiful. Thank you Jerry for sharing this with us. ;o)))

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