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18.36.54, Connecticut, USA Master Bedroom

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Despite the sharp corners, a seamless flow is created between the living, dining, kitchen and sleeping areas. The only thing that distinguishes each space are gentle changes in the height of the concrete floors. Surrounding floor-to-ceiling glass walls mean inhabitants can enjoy the natural environment even if they don't want to step outside.
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Maybe in my next incarnation...

If you can afford this place Plum you can afford a housekeeper. I recommend orange tape for the level changes. Thanks for checking in.


Having lived with floor-level changes, similar to the picture, I can state unequivocally that they are a pain in the backside, and a hazard to foot traffic -- not to mention the increased difficulty of vacuuming around them.


I agree with Sherry--it is an attractive design. Perhaps not very practical, though. Thanks for the tour, Tim.


Seems like a funny place for a fireplace--nowhere to sit and enjoy it. Maybe it's the bathtub, so neighbors can enjoy the view. Whatever it is, be sure to wear your hard hat. Fun, Tim!

Man oh man, I'd be banging myself into that fireplace overhang, or throwing myself out a door trying not to hit the overhang, and I don't drink, just getting old and wobbly...Sherry :))) It's a very pretty design though!

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