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The fireplace! See comment please!

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I guess that some has been burnt down but mostly they were used to open fireplaces and how to "treat" them, so actually it went well most of the time. Thanks so very much Dagmar!!


I suppose the fireplace was the most important part of the Koja, but wasn't it dangerous with all the wood around it?


You are SO welcome Jan!! I'm glad to be able to show you something quite new even if it's old!! Thanks so very much!!


It is like nothing I have ever seen before. Very interesting. Thanks so much, Hanne!!


It can't have been so, it has been used for many years!! Thanks so very much Varda!!


It looks like a bit of a fire hazard. Is it?


Yes, please Mary, but it's just a bit to catch up!! Thanks so very much!!


Love fireplaces but I'm behind as far as what is going on here; must look at your previous posts. Thanks, Hanne.


You are SO welcome, David, these pictures and those to come have been so big eyeopeners to quite another world and another way of living!! Thanks so very much!!


Snug is the word. Easier to keep warm when space is tight! Thanks for the peek inside, Hanne!


You are RIGHT, Sandy, about all of it!! Thanks so very much!!


Just think how cozy and warm it would be in there in the winter. I could do it, except I would miss the internet. LOL


I think I feel like Ank really!! We are used to live on 6 square meters in the car so if I had a few things that I think are necessary for me I would like to stay for some time. Thanks so very much both Ardy and Ank!!


Yes tiny, but I think you can make it very cosy. Of course not for living but for the holidays. I think I would love it. Thanks Hanne.


Tiny. Don't think I wold last long in such small quarters. Thanks for sharing, Hanne.


This is the fireplace, that gave warmth and on which they cooked what food they might be able to buy. Mostly it was porridge. This "koja" had room for two men!

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