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Claude Monet - Madame Monet Embroidering, 1875 (May17P05)

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On June 28th 1870, Camille Doncieux and Claude Monet were married in a civil ceremony performed at the town hall of the eighth arrondissement of Paris.

4th of a set of painting of Camille by Claude Monet. Please enjoy.

Cheerio, Jason :-)

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Lovingly painted.
Camille looked so focused in her needlework.

Stay safe and well, Eagleboi.


Lovely Monet painting of his wife Camille, thank you Jason, take care my friend.


Glad to have featured one of your favourite Monet, Lin.

This painting looks so soft and exudes a gentle and serene mood.

It makes me appreciate all the ladies and their needlework as they have spent a lot of time and loving energy on their creations.

You are always welcome, Lin.

Cheerio, Jason.


This is one of my favorites by Monet, Jason! Don't know if I ever told you but I learned a lot during the two years I lived in San Francisco and worked for the U.S. Treasury at the time. Met a group of people who studied the arts - I couldn't get enough of it and still have an appreciation for the greats. Thank you, my friend♥

I had forgotten about crewel work, reeree! In my youth, my mother got us all started on this; even my brothers! Was a lot of fun and we had pillows all over the house! ; ) Thank you for reminding me and bring back sweet, sweet memories.


You are very welcome, Rita.

Camille looked relaxed and happy doing her embroidery.

I had one of those frames and did crewel work which is a form of embroidery. It was a great hobby when my sons were small but needlework is not as satisfying as puzzles.
Thanks again Jason for posting the series. Rita


Thanks everyone. Guess next time a meeting runs long, I'll come home and make my favorite tuna sandwich..........Wendy


Glad to hear you're doing better. Why do we do that to ourselves. I'm that way with a drink. Sometimes I'm fine with having one but many times it upsets my stomach and I think why did I order that.


I am glad to hear that you have enjoyed all the 4 paintings, Donna.


Thank you for updating us, Wendy. Whew, glad that you are feeling much better.

Continue to take good care of yourself, my dear friend.


Thanks for this lovely set of Monet's paintings of Camille. I enjoyed solving each one. Warm regards, Donna


I do feel better this evening, thank you jals and Jason. I had a very long board meeting this morning so stopped at Dairy Queen and grabbed a hamburger. I should realize by now, fast food and I do not mix at all. Just a waste of money. Now that everything is out of my system, I do feel better, but just had toast and tea for dinner. Thanks for caring............Wendy


Hope that you are feeling much better, Wendy.

Glad that Monet came in to uplift you a bit.

I am fine, thank you for asking. Just that I am more active at jasonchung2 where I create, draw, colour and post my own works.

Take care and cheerio. Jason.


Feel better Wendy!


Wow! I was so happy to see the Monet puzzles. I really have missed them. Thank you so much Jason. Not feeling too good today and was just about to shut down when I spotted them. They kind of picked me up again. Hope all is well with you............Wendy


I like to learn new things everyday. It is exciting.

Good to hear from you too, Judy.


Yes, they are very educational if we but study them. YW Jason. Good to see you. :-)


How we can learn so much from paintings. Thank you for dropping by, Judy.


An absorbing hobby. Thank you Iris.


Nice! I have long wanted one of these embroidery frames. So funny that they had them way back then.


Beautiful! Many smiles! ☺☺☺♥☺☺☺

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