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My Uncle grows these and dropped these off today for my Mom. Have fun, Dave
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  1. inny1:03
  2. Navea1:05
  3. jennylmoon1:40
  4. puzzlecpa1:47
  5. laskadog11:52
  6. vwhite252:03
  7. raspberryfire2:03
  8. Bronnie2:04
  9. Meadow9242:06
  10. LadyAce2:14


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Oh gosh no, plump. Anyone steps on mom's tortoise and it's game over Thanks, plump. D


Please don't step on the tortoise!

MacTea, I love your profile image. Would you please share the name of it if any and the artist? Thank you!


They were beautiful for sure. Thanks, Mac. D


I have not seen glads in a long time. We used to have a small group in the yard when I was a kid. Thanks for posting BOY ♥
Soooooooooo pretty ☺


I agree, the area looks lovely and so open. Beautiful view of what I can see.


Wow, so pretty, love the turtle. :)


i love the view and the flowers


My Mom insisted her turtle figurine be included, ha. Thank you mother n pet, D


Beautiful flowers. Is that your pet tortoise? Or maybe a figurine look a-like? Cute.

Nice Patio with flowers!


It wasn't funny then but it is now, ha. Thank you, Mscasp. Dave

When I bought my first real house with a yard I planted glads along one side of the house. My mom had a lot of them when I was young and they were a feature when she made up all the flowers for our church out of our garden. There I was with bulbs in hand but didn't realize there was a front and back. I planted them and they grew beautifully . . . all facing the house siding . . . . hahahahaha. Live and learn.

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