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Osteospermum -- Spaanse Margrieten

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Whilst searching in my old digital files I also came across this photo (of 2015) and I wondered why I never posted it. I have found so many more I would like to share with you in due time, especially now weather gets worse and I already haven't been able to take photos outdoors for 2 days!
Hope you'll enjoy my 'oldies but goodies' too! ☺
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I like to think so, GG. You must've send sunbeams in return because we had lovely sunny weather on Tuesday. Today it was a bit grey, but at least it was dry! I'm happy you got the much needed rain in the end! ☺♥


Well Impie, you must have sent us your rain after all, because we had rain through the night last night! We often will have rain as Fall progresses and cooler weather comes, but last night was the first it rained in a long time here. Have a good night!! ☺♥


Thanks, Lia. At the time I took this photo, they certainly weren't oldies! :-))

It's my pleasure to go through my old photos, I actually enjoy seeing them again and love sharing them with you all! !


Thank you, GG. I wish I could send you our rain, we have had so much the last 6 days. It's typical old fashioned Dutch Fall weather in my neck of the woods!:)
Therefore I don't mind searching for older photos and share them with you all, but being outside (if only in the garden) and a bit of fresh air or even one hour of sunshine would be very welcome. Those grey/wet days can make one grumpy :-)))


Doesn't look like an oldie!

These flowers are lovely!

Thanks for all your work: going through old pictures - for us to enjoy!!


They sure are beautiful, Impie! So sorry you haven't been able to take photos outdoors the past couple of days. Here, the weather has been in keeping with the season of Fall! A rare treat, I must say. The next 10 days or so are supposed to be quite coo here. We are in need of rain, though. The ground is VERY dry. I had to water bushes today, as they were wilting. I also had to mow some grass. The dust was extreme as I mowed. Oh well, the job is done! I will look forward to more of your "oldies but goodies!" ☺☺♥


Thank you, Pammi. I'm glad I found them, I had forgotten I had such beautiful coloured Osteospermums back then.
It's strange weather all around the world these days. We have had terrible weather since Wednesday afternoon, although this afternoon it wasn't too bad, but since about 6 PM it's pouring on and off and we have gusts of storm (up to 100 km/hr) over our part of the country "again"!!
Last Tuesday it was really really nice and I've been soaking sunbeams for about 1½ hour on my back patio. Glad I did, because I'm afraid it was the last beautiful day we'll enjoy for some time to come! We're straight into Autumn big time!!!☺♥☺♥


Impie these are spectacular. I love the colour, it is so bright and cheerful. I'm really sorry you are having such bad weather. We sure had a cold morning today. Apparently parts of South Australia, Victoria and NSW have had snow so it looks like that is what has brought the cold weather all the way up to Queensland. Don't they know it's Spring??? ☺♥☺♥


Take it from me, Faye, we think you're a 'goodie' and so is Ken ♥♥

Aphids kan fly at one stage of their lives and I also heard ants put them on plants to 'milk' them. Perhaps they came in the soil? :-))

Enjoy your solving!♥

Thank you so much, lurdo, I'm glad you like my collage. It took some searching for them in my files, but it was fun creating the collage! :)

What a great photo,wonderful flowers and amazing color, Thanks Mrs. Impie.


I know that I'm an "oldie"...sure hope that I'm a "goodie" to some! LOL

Beautiful osteospermum! I tried them one year but they became full of aphids...and I certainly don't know where they came from on a fourth floor balcony. ;)))

Definitely bookmarked


We crossed comment, Ella:) Thank you, yes I love them in any colour, but this colour really "jumps out", doesn't it?:)


Thank you for the compliments, roseheather. I believe I used my former camera (also an IXUS but an older model) .... I think it took good photos....(probably better than my present camera) ☺♥☺

Thank you, jirma48, I'm glad you enjoyed them :)

Thanks, Nan. It's a shame we can only post and publish 4 puzzles a day, I found some real nice photos in my old files I'll share with you all !:)

Thank you, Anne, yes, they are such pretty flowers! :)


I really like the rich color! It's very bright and cheery!


So beautiful! I love the shading from dark centers to light edges.


stunning! don't care what year they are from...


Beautiful flowers, wonderful color.


Beautiful! The fine lines in the buds are very apparent. Fantastic.


Thank you, Nancy....I like to post recent photos, but I have many oldies I've never posted before....they're a good stash for the colder winter days, I guess.:-)


Gorgeous color and a lovely photo! Definitely enjoying your "oldies but goodies"! :D

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