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Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park

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“Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park is a protected area in South Australia, nearly 300 miles (482 km) north of Adelaide. It contains some of the most rugged and spectacular landscape in the state, with high plateaus, gorges and deep chasms. The park is inhabited by the Adnyamathanha aboriginal people.”

-30.626250°, 139.055882°

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I loved the textures that Bill would always bring to us.


Thanks so much for the challenge, Bill. R.I.P.


How fascinating! I have driven past this place but never explored. Thank you.

I myself thought of a bear, Gayle---but maybe...minus the blender, and just going for a walk?
Once again these gorgeous overviews leave me with no sense of scale. Had to Google the co-ordinates, Bill, to figure that out... :-)
This was a great one to solve!


So this is the true frog in a blender I'd always heard about. Sorry, I know that's not appropriate. :-/ Thanks, Bill!

This picture brings views of Australia my wife and I experienced traveling by train out of Adelaide. The photo is almost like an Opel stone she bought for a necklace she now wares on occasion. Thanks for the multicolored view for it brings pleasant memories of the outback. Every one of your submissions provides joy and fun for the time it takes to solve the puzzle. Thanks Bill.

Certainly does look like a beautiful abstract, I truly missed these wonderful overviews. Thanks so much as always.


Thats great, Bill! I took 56.25, but like I said, had a blast the whole time. It was not tedious at all! (*&*)


Congratulations, Alex!


I take it the blue are not rivers ? :-))


49:34 of Fun struggle :-))


What a striking landform! I'm glad you all enjoyed it. It took me a whopping 34:29. Whew!


Such Beauty!! Challenging, fascinating, fun! Can't think of a descriptive word to describe this one!!! Thanks so very much for sharing with us, Bill! (*&*)


Bill, this was a wonderful puzzle, but Oh! So beautiful to look at and enjoy when done!
I’ve always loved these puzzles that you provided for us and this one was even more special right now! I have been in Australia, and one of the highlights was a special show by the aboriginal people, they were absolutely wonderful, so I’m very happy for them. Thank you Bill for this great overview of the Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park! :-))

Thank you for posting this phenomenal view of the park. It took me a long time to
piece together, but each piece was beautiful and revealed a bit more of the fascinating landscape. I am glad that Australia recognizes the importance of setting aside land for inhabitation by the aboriginal people who have lived on the land since time immemorable. Lisa

It is almost impossible to realise that this is actually an aerial photo of a land form. It looks like a modern painting. By the way, thank you for all your aerial pictures. They have helped me during the two-and-a-half years since Covid began and I had to stop my normal travelling. You have carried me with you to so many interesting parts of the world from my lock-down spot in rural Cornwall - some I have visited others are now on my bucket list! Thanks again


Thanks Bill for this wonderful overview of Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park.

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