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'Cats Playing Amongst The Dandelions' By Christie Schelling

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Did you know that black cats are lucky? They get a bad rap in this country, but the truth is that black cats have been viewed as luck bringers and guardians over many centuries and in many cultures. The black cat has an amazing history and their story is closely intertwined with ours. Their treatment has varied, depending on how we humans view them. (1) Let's begin with an old charm, and a modern problem, and move on from there to the myths, stories and science surrounding these dark beauties.

Black cat, cross my path
Good fortune bring to home and hearth
When I am away from home
Bring me luck wherever I roam
- Old English Charm

Sleeping in a crate at the Montgomery County Humane Society with three other orphaned cats, 3-month-old Lark would seem to be the model of an adoptable cat. She is fuzzy, friendly toward people, and the domestic shorthair kitten has her life in front of her. There’s just one small problem with Lark: she’s black. In the numbers game that is animal adoption, that detail moves Lark and other cats like her to the proverbial back of the adoption line.

It is a sad but true fact that overcrowded animal shelters
will euthanize black cats first because it is so hard for them to find homes.
Source: Full Circle
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Hello ehes4160,
Glad you stopped by, I can see you like black cats too, I hope
you have/had a nice Thanksgiving also. Do come back for
another visit. Hugs to you, jlou


Hi~ Janet, Got half of the letters right, something told me that wasn't the right
name, thanks I will have a nice Thanksgiving. You take care and
don't get a heat stroke, I presume you are having enough to do so.

Hugs, jlou


Hi jlou, no, actually it's Julian, but no worries! Have a happy Thanksgiving. hugs.


Hello, Janet,
You and Julius were made for each other, luckily you both liked cats
and one of you wasn't allergic to a cat. I am off of this computer
it has been a long day, I plan to post jigsaw puzzles tomorrow
and then I think I will not be back on here until Monday, too many
things going on and should have company this weekend. You have
a good weekend, keep cool, sorry for the drought and all that
watering that you are having to do, it will pay off in the long run.

Hugs, jlou

I did get your husband's name right, didn't I. I had a 2nd great Uncle
by that name, and that is how I remembered it. : )


tsings, I am so sorry, I missed including you below, I wrote below that I had
been up many hours, and I sure did miss your name.

A cat lover is always vulnerable, to a stray cat needing a home. It is like
years ago, the tramps used to mark a fence in front of someone's home
letting others no that these people will give a needy person a hot meal.
I think that outside of your home, some cat left a message for the other
needy cats to let them know that they will be welcomed in your house.

Velvet is a beautiful name for a black cat, I had never known anyone
to have had a cat for so many years, I suppose that nowadays, because
cat lovers take their cats to the vets, and have them treated for any
ailment that they might have just like I do with my Scottie, Maggie,
they live much longer. I hope Maggie lives a long, long time.
Thanks again for the comment and the visit, do come back again.
Hugs to you, jlou


Beautiful thanks jlou, our very first cat when we were married was a black and white cat, which was a stray. We had her for many years and she was SO loving and beautiful. This was a fabulous puzzle, thanks and hugs, Janet


Francamia, I just visited you a few minutes ago, I think.........
Oh, yes, see I have been up since 4 a.m. and have had a busy
day it is after 11 pm here. My mind, is tired but I remember
that you live in Australia and that you work on a remote area.
Does it get dusty out there, and what exactly does that heavy
piece of equipment do, the one you all were standing in front
of, and which one were you? Is this an adventurous job, for
the people that are using this equipment, is it dangerous for
them? Call me curious, years ago I had a temp job working
at a place that cut stone for decorative uses, there was powder
everywhere, on the desk, my lungs would have been damaged
if I had worked there everyday, like I said it was a temp job.
Hugs, jlou

My goodness, I had no clue that a housecat pet could live that long,
I know that you must feel they are/were really part of the family.


Hola allí, Roxy
Visité su página puzzle hace un rato, así que no voy a escribir un comentario aquí,
No hay nada que decir. Abrazo, mi amigo.

Hey there, Roxy~
I visited your puzzle page a little while ago, so I won't write a comment here,
not much of anything to say. Hugs, my friend.


Thanks jlou. I had three black cats mother and two sons, very similar to these only mine had bigger heads, they all lived for eighteen years and brought me a lot of joy.......


Bonita imagen, me gusta mucho...... Mi gata Nessham tuvo dos gatitos negros (hembra y macho) en una misma camada. Tenían un lazito que mas bien parecía una corbatita blanca, de pelo completamente negro brilloso, tuve que darlos en adopción; a uno de lo llevaron al norte del país, el otro se que fue a parar a una asociación llamada "Amigo de los animales", nunca más supe de él. Espero que no haya tenido la suerte que mencionas... sería muy triste. ---- Beautiful image, I really like...... My cat Nessham had two black kittens (male and female) in a same litter. They had a bow but well it looked like a small white tie, of shiny black hair, I had to give them up for adoption; one of brought him to the North of the country, the other is that he went to an association called "Friend of the animals", I never knew most of it. I hope that you did not have the luck that you mention it... would be very sad.


Hello~ Marian, Lady C., jignut, phloxie
Thank you for all your stories and all for your comments,
and thank you for solving this cute jigsaw puzzle. Will be
coming to visit you asap. Hugs, jlou


IT is a beautiful picture, jlou. Thank you. I knew there was the joking and teasing about black cats being bad luck, but I had NO idea that people actually didn't want a black cat. I think they are beautiful! Admire their solid color beauty. I inherited my cat when my friend died; she is a solid dark grey. No one in the family wanted her or liked her, which is why my friend had her, and why I asked for her if no one wanted her. I figured she would have been brought to a shelter or the vet to be euthanizesd. Maybe she was to close to black. I will keep this in mind if I ever have another cat; I will choose a black one. I had no idea! Thank you for the information.


I love black cats! My son has one, and I have two, right now. I didn't "choose" either one. Both strays that ended up here. One is my oldest cat, ever. Dec. 5, Velvet will have been with me for 19 years!


20 years ago a black feral cat had 4 kittens in our garage. 3 were black and one was a silver tabby. We trapped the mother cat and had her spayed. I tried to find homes for the kittens since I was unable to keep them. I found a home for the tabby but no one wanted the black ones. 4 months later I had to take the 3 black ones to the Humane Society. I cried all the way over and all the back because I knew they would probably not be be adopted because they were were black. Personally I love black cats. I think they look like mini panthers.


I agree Marian, a beautiful image of the cats. I didn't know about the colour/adoption though.
Thanks jlou, lovely puzzle.


A beautiful image of the black cats....I love them every bit as any other cat. It's a pity that are not easy to adopt because of the's a shame because they are every bit as loving as the others.

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