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R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth II

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Today we said goodbye to our amazing Queen. This is a commemorative cup from the Queen's silver jublilee back in 1977.
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@solidrock5806 it was a very memorable day. That is so very true, we cannot take anything with us when we leave. It is very easy to forget that


Watched a lot of lying-in-state moments, especially the guard changes.
Glued to the TV on funeral day. Most touching , many memorable moments in it. When the regalia where taken from the coffin it told me, nothing can be taken with us when we leave. Backpiper, pony Emma and the corgies.... pictures to remember.....and so many more.....


@zumbachick losing parents is always hard


Aww, did you really, Jill. Yes, she touched so many people around the world.

Please keep posting pictures of her Majesty. I lost my mom in 2011. I’ve never forgotten her. I cry a whole week. I go into mourning the week she died and on her birthday.


We did indeed. We stayed up till after midnight last night to watch the funeral. Wonderful person, she will be remembered well and warmly.


@zumbachick I don't know how much these things are worth but their age and condition will be factors. It is over 40 years since Charles and Di married so they might get something.

I wonder if Diana’s cup and saucer is worth anything. Now I’m being a real badass. Of course this was the the great Elizabethan ii era. She kept the commonwealth together. I think she kept the Uk together.

We only have a cup of Charles and Diana’s wedding. It was hubby who bought it. I have the blue Jays as a gift from my Mom who likes to throw away boxes. I should have bought the plate. My mom had jfk plate . My brother wondered where it went. I didn’t want it. She must have given to the neighbors.


Thank you, Marina. Yes she will be well remembered


I love this commemorative cup! She was such a nice person, I'm sure she will be well remembered.

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