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String Art!! ~ Small

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This is my take on string art – using spirograph type shapes, but adding in the pegs that hold the “string” in shape. And a shout-out to Magda, who spurred me on to push this idea to the top of my list. It had been there for a while, but her recent comments about string art, and then her delightful hand drawn string art images, really motivated me to keep trying to get this string art look right.

I made all the elements in this puzzle from scratch. It gives me immense pleasure making puzzles, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. (•‿•)
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Thanks Francine! I don't like focusing on how much time I spend on making puzzles. If it's somehow possible, I think I spend more time making them, than I have available!! LOL But thanks for noticing. (•‿•)


Kirsten, this is really lovely. Patient you. :) I remember playing with a spirograph filter last year and managed to post 2 or 3 of them, one image per puzzle. Way too much work to do twelve of them.


Me too, LJ!! Thanks for skating by! (•‿•)


Yay! I'm glad you found this one, Madga!! And I DO thank you for the push I needed to try to bring this idea to a reality. However I must reject your needing to "touch my standard". I LOVE your hand-made string art! I don't think our string art representations aren't in the same category. Mine is done with a filter. Sure, I have to press the buttons 'til I get something I like. But you hand draw yours! There is SO much more talent in that. So let us call each other a fan of each other's work, but not compare it to each others. Thanks for popping by. And I hope you are having fun times with your family, despite it being busy. (•‿•)


Spirograph! Love them, Kirsten.


PS My favotit is the pink one i the bottom row.


If Inspired you to create this, I am proud. As you say, no competition. these are exquisite. Thank you Kirsten, for the challenge. I will keep trying, when I have the time (am very busy with my famiiy right now) to try to at least touch your standard.


Thanks Maddie!! I'm so happy you like this one. And I can't help but notice that many of the colours in it are similar to your profile pic!! I wonder if I had you on my mind while I was making it? LOL! (•‿•)


Thanks Jill!! It did take a while to make. The effect for this one has three or four variable sliders. And it's hard (for me anyway) to predict what effect some of them will make. So I spent ages, just sliding them up and down, and when a shape appeared that I thought was "string art" like - I would save! I'm glad you like it. Big smiles here!! (•‿•)


Oh, wow Dee! I'm delighted this one motivated you to share the skill with your granddaughter! And I hope that you might share the results with us, by way of a photo posted as a puzzle! That would be grand. Thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate it. (•‿•)


You are so very welcome Jo! I'm really pleased you like this one. I really enjoy experimenting to make something I've never made before, or to try to realise a vision too. I'm glad you like the results. (•‿•)


I have never seen it being done before, Audrey. How fascinating. And being able to do it fast? I bet there are a few nicked fingers and thumbs along the way! LOL I'm so glad this one brought back lovely memories for you. And thanks for sharing them with us. (•‿•)


It's such a pleasure, Pat! And thank you for dropping by again. (•‿•)


Kirsten, I had Jill's comment in mind.. :-)) This is so beautiful, and indeed beautifully made. It's just perfect.. And the colors are terrific ! thanks !!!!


Wow, Kirsten! What a fabulous puzzle. So beautifully made. A lot of work went into this one, and it shows. Thanks :)


Love it. Spurs me also to introduce granddaughter to the old art form. TY dee


What a fun puzzle Kirsten!! So crisp and clear!! Thank you for something different to see. :)

T an Art Exhibition, it was the speed at which they worked that amazed me. I was therefore delighted to do this one as a puzzle and kid myself that I was doing string Art! Thank you Audrey T

Yes I have seen string Art being done a


Thanks Kirsten for a beautiful puzzle ...


I'm happy you like this one, Ardy. I had fun making these shapes - going for quite different ones to the ones I used in my Guilloche. And I'll confess to not really thinking much about string art until Su mentioned it. I knew I'd seen it before, but it hadn't really registered so much. Good on you for doing your exercise. Enjoy! Well, even if you don't love it, you'll have a warm glow for doing something that is good for you. Have a good day! And see you tomorrow. ((HUGS))


Good evening, Kirsten. I like the designs in the top yellow and the bottom purple but my favorites are the middle pink and top rose. It all looks like fun. Judging from your and Hester's comments this was popular about the time I really got into the thread count embroidery. Maybe that's why I don't remember string art. These are very lovely. Never could make pretty design with Spirograph but it was fun playing with it. Thanks for sharing your creative arrangements. Love them all. Thanks. Be back for more later. On to exercise time. Have a very good night with warm sweet dreams. ((HUGS))


I actually never made them. I don't know why though. Too busy with ballet, the piano and horses dahling! LOL Glad you have some faves too. And I really like that red currant one too. It was the last one to be coloured. And it would NOT behave itself!! But I finally got there with this nice crimson-y colour. And sorry! I have ZERO ideas for your red currants. What about trading them with the neighbours for something? If that's no good, I'm sure the wonderful Jigidi community will come to your rescue, and come up with something. (•‿•)


I remember making those ! I also remember hitting my thumb numerous times with the hammer! No pain, no gain, I guess. As for faves...hmm, I guess the top left and bottom right corners are doing it for me today but I also love the redcurrant shade of the top right. Except that it is reminding me that I need to go out and finish picking mine. I only got half way through the bush last weekend but already have 6lbs from it! Anybody got any good ideas of what to do with them other than sorbet, jelly,cordial and summer pudding?? I'm running out of freezer space !! :-))


Thanks publ!! I'm really glad you like this one! And appreciate that you let me know too. (•‿•)

And welcome to Jigidi! (•‿•)


Thanks Sandi! I'm so glad you like them. And I hope that all is well with you. (•‿•)

I love the designs. Nice drawings.


These are beautiful, Kirsten. I love the colors you used and the great designs. Sleep well, my friend.


Yikes! Decades!! That's a scary thing to say, isn't it? Where does the time go? But I'm glad this evoked some nice memories for your Gail. It makes me smile. (•‿•)


What a gorgeous thing to still have, Sheena! A lovely memento. I'm really glad this one reminded you of that. (•‿•)


Pin string art used to be so popular a few decades ago. Did I just say decades? Like the decades during which macrame was the in thing. Your rendition evokes nice memories of creating some of these. Thanks, my dear friend.


That's really lovely. My son made a string art picture using silver threads when he was about 8 and I still have it ( he's nearly 19 now). His was a simple square but it's very affective. Thanks for posting. (*~*)


Oh, gosh Barbara! Thanks!! Now I'm blushing!! LOL I'm really glad you like this one. And thanks for your lovely comment. (•‿•)


You are so talented, I love the colour and the design, it's brilliant Thank you.

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