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Katie on couch

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That is a great picture! So sorry to hear about her passing.


What love she has for you. This is a lovely picture of her. Thanks for sharing.. I am sorry for your loss. What a treasure she was.

Thank you so much my Jigidi friends! Your comments are so lovely and comforting.


I love this dog even though I never heard of her til you shared this precious picture, and thanks. There are animals in Heaven, and I think our beloved pets will be gifted to us by our Lord

love to you and your Katie on the couch


Oh...I am so sorry for your loss! I have a 14 year old 4 legged baby. He is to precious to me. He is my son because hubby and I can't have children. I can't imagine nor would I want to to heartache you are feeling. Cling to the Lord. He catches every tear.


i am sorry for your loss!
and happy for what you gained for the experience!
cry for yourself,
Smile for your beloved!

Thank you, everyone! We just lost our precious Katie. She was perky to the end.... always ready for a treat, a baby to love, or a walk through the woods. I love this photo because she always sat next to me on the couch while I did puzzles!


Do I get treats now?!!


What a precious baby. She has such a sweet face! You are blessed.


Katie looks like a real sweetie - bet she's a wonderful & beloved family member! I enjoyed solving the puzzle featuring Katie.

What a beautiful, kind face...thanks for sharing


Awww, reminds me of my sweet.

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