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Thankful.........and full.......and enjoying blissful R&R! 😊😻

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Tavish, showing us all how it's done.
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And I love the responses from Jigidi cat fans, Patsy! It's fun to share photos and stories, especially when I can get shots like this one. So glad you enjoyed it! 😊

Gosh, Tavish, you're getting lots of attention here on Jigidi. You're beautiful (especially your tummy). And you certainly know how to envelope yourself in that bed.



jandchris, Tavi thanks you for your compliment and sends chirpy purrs for the kiss and cuddle. πŸ’•


Impie, MaxluvsMaya rings a bell. I watched some foster videos a long time ago, but not sure it was that site. Sounds very cute and entertaining! πŸ’•


LOL Carol. Wasn't sure..... Sweet of you to clarify. 😊😊 This is definitely a favorite photo of Tavish. Love the curved pose and, yes, he's looking very sweet here. I also love it because of how it shows off his fluffy tummy and his wonderful fur colors. It has taken a long time to grow back from the shaved tummies both boys had when I adopted them (after arriving from a rural shelter east of the mountains their new shelter had snipped both) . Not sure what Christmas in that rural shelter was like for them, so I'm excited that this will be their first in their forever home. πŸ’•


LOL, on my comment when looking at it......sounded wrong to me when I read it...meant no answer needed you already know how sweet Tavish is!!!

How beautiful he is - please give him a kiss and a cuddle from me.


You're so welcome, ruthellen. πŸ’•

Thank you for this cute kitty.

Two for one


Oh, thank you, Nancy. 🧑🐱🧑
He sounds really sweet and he's still young, so he'll learn along the way for sure!

BTW. Have you ever heard of or seen videos of "MaxluvsMaya" ? She fosters kittens and the 5 she is rasing right now will soon be up for adoption, but I so love to watch those 5 cute kittens, they're so curious and mischievous. One of the two kitty boys is a Siamese and the other boy has a black coat and white socks and a few other white markings of which one is his 'moustache' cute! One girl is all black and one a Toxedo and the smallest girl is a Tabby! 😊😊


Next Time I rub his tummy, I'll tell him it's from Mrs Impie. 🧑🐱🧑 He loves to stretch out on his side while I do that (at least a couple of times a day) and chirpy purrs. So stinkin' cute. It is possible to forget....for a moment....that he can also be very mischievous....but he also seems to be learning so I'm hopeful. 😊😊


Aww, bliss....I'd love to gently rub that lovely full tummy🧑🐱🧑

Looking at your Tavish I only see an 'innocent' face (albeit with a smug smile☺☺) , I find it hard to believe this kitty could be up to any mischief whatsoever! LOLπŸ€₯


You know it, Ella! 😊
Yes, Betty, you know this all too well. My dynamic duo keep me on my toes. Don't know how you do with your Kiddos and Squads! LOL 😻


Awww, thank you Anne. He is a dear......when he's not being mischievous and too curious. LOL This really shows off his furry markings. When I adopted Tavi and Ollie, their tummies were shaved from their recent "ops" and it took a long time to grow back. Now both have wonderful coats...and tummies. 😊


Tavish really knows how to relax and I'll bet it was after a delightful romp!

Tavish, you do indeed know how it is done! You are way too cute and that makes up for all the mischief! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž


Ah, Tavish! You are so beautiful dear cat!


@nillie - here's the kitty version of Roy, Motek and Chemed's cozy snuggle sleepy time. LOL 😊 Tavish may look adorable, but he and Oliver have also been very curious, adventurous and naughty rascals. Still, life is good with them around. πŸ’•

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24 February 2019 - 12 August 2016
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