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Is it Time for Wine? (small)

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Mary - I feel kind of funny getting all these thanks. It's the grapes that deserve the "glory." I saw one bunch and got excited. So, I started looking and who knew there were so many kinds? I had many, many more, but these were my favorites. I am glad you liked them!!


Such pretty grapes! I've never seen so many different kinds, but I've never lived where grapes would grow since they need a long, chilly time and even in Memphis or Kentucky they wouldn't get long enough to be very good. 6:31 Loved it! Thanks, Jan!


I can see why, Pat! Yum! I haven't had a grape in waaaaay too long!


Jan you are making me hungry with these grapes. They look so delicious.


I wasn't born yesterday (obviously!!), Hester. But, since you are such a good person, I will pretend to believe you. I'm sure you will have some stories - from an historical or educational point of view to share with us tomorrow!!


Bookmarked for tomorrow as we're out shortly to sample some of the delights that these grapes can produce! Purely in the study of viniculture, you understand, and not through any bacchanalian interests! ;-)


Ardy - how lucky were you to have them in your backyard!!

Hanne - makes your teeth water? Wonderful!! I will remember that one. Thanks to both of you!


Ohhh, they all look SO delicious, Jan!! Makes my teeth water!! Thanks so very much!!


Pure and sweet, right off the vine. No further processing needed or wanted. I grew up on the edge of the Finger Lake region of New York State where the large Concord grape vineyards are. We had grape vines in our backyard. There were Concord grapes, green ones and those little sweet red ones - don't know their names. I didn't use to think it was fall until I had some Concord grapes but I didn't find any this year. Thanks Jan. This is full of delightful memories and tastes.


You certainly don't need to like wine to appreciate these grapes! And I LOVE grapes! (especially concords, Sally). Thanks so much ladies!
Barb - an allergy, so sorry! My only allergy is to cats.


Allergic to wine but I do like grapes .... nice puzzle, Jan! :-)


More grapes.... Yippee.... Good fun... No wine thanks... But concord grapes... If you can find them... The best.... Thanks JB.... :) :)


I'm ready, Graciela! Love those grapes! Thanks so much!


Beautiful JB, let's make wine.

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