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Cat Christmas banner and seasonal greens

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A fun cat Christmas banner found on Amazon for a little something at my door now that the "front porch kitties" have been retired (though their seasonal incarnations remain to be seen in my jig pages). Not long after finding this banner, I saw a table runner with a different version of this cat. Couldn't resist! πŸ˜€ Table runner is posted here:

I made the arrangement using a wonderful bundle of greens, including incense cedar and juniper with some faux berry stems added for pops of color and wired cones added for texture. Found a vase at my fave local thrift store to set inside this aluminum florist-style container I already had and added red tape at the bottom and a buffalo plaid flannel bow.
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LOL Anne, but I bet having that dedicated sanctuary space has contributed to the cautious friendliness you're seeing now. They've had a safe space to be on their own if that's what they need/want. I was able to do this with Tavi and Ollie. Not knowing what their lives had been like at the shelter for a good chunk of their young lives, was hopeful it would help. 24hrs later they were ready to explore the whole house, which was hilarious, but you never know. So nice to hear the ferals are blossoming even more. 😸😸


@calluna Yeah, I really get the "not spoiled" thing. Our three even have their own room with various toys and trees and a twin bed (my old one). LOL But those two younger ferals are getting more friendly. Now they vacillate between standoffish and "hmmm, she looks friendly...Gatita likes being in her I want to approach?"


Oh wow, Ella, that sounds so pretty!! I had these loooong ago and might just try again and see if the boys will leave it alone. 😊


Glad you enjoyed it, Anne! On a related note, the boys will be getting another cat tree/condo shortly. I ordered the HeyBro big one you have way back when and then discovered their shorter one. They play there so much and there's a bed up top big enough for the both of them to snuggle. So natch I got them a second one for a different location. Not spoiled at all. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚


Hi Nancy! Thanks for asking. My Christmas cacti are doing very well. All seven of them are in bloom and quite loaded. Some of the blossoms are ready to dry up and fall off, but there are still a few more buds to open.


I love it!


Glad you enjoyed! 😊


Love it!!! πŸ˜€


No wonder I love that kitty, Ella! LOL πŸ˜‚ And if the kitty is more grey, it would be Ollie and his wide-eyed look. Haha. Your tree and garland sound lovely. How are your Christmas cacti? If I'm remembering correctly, you had several very happy ones with great colors.


Pretty arrangement, Nancy and the banner looks a lot like a short-haired Tavish. I haven't done any decorating yet, except to put up my tree with lights only and a garland with lights on the mantel.


Awww, thank you Impie. I'm so glad you've enjoyed this series. No, they don't leave the greens alone. That's why the advent bowls don't have any. I put leftover greens in a vase, only to discover Tavish chewing on the needles and coming back even when I moved him away or moved the vase. He seemed fine but let's just say that I'm pretty sure that was the source of "plumbing issues" afterward. So I don't bring any flowers or greens in the house --- at least for now.


Love, love, love it! Thank for sharing your decorations, Nancy! Do your kitties leave the green alone?

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