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No collar. He's a little snippy.

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No collar. Found this poor guy eating a dead deer on side of road. He's a little snippy. Barely got him in my car. Please share this so we can find his owners ?❤️??
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@tori1947, I bow to your strength and wisdom. :-)


Looks more like a half breed coyote/dog mix. Coyotes have longer fur. In any case, this little guy very likely has rabies. However, is also domesticated enough that he looks quite happy in your car. Good idea to take him to an animal rescue place if there is one in your area.

does look alittle foxy


@Mischka.. not me.. I know a coyote from a lost dog. Beat one over the head, with a brick, when it tried to grab my wennie dog. Blood was drawn. not mine or my little 6 lb wennie. I am strong, I am Woman. Hear me roar. It left never came back.


Oh, wait... you're kidding us, aren't you?


Yeah, this one needs to get gone. But good try, Tori!


Take him out of your is a coyote!.


Wiley? :-)






Wolves can be snippy!

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