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Findus is thrilled of finding the boat and he rushes back to Pettson to tell him the good news while Pettson is pleased of finding three blueberries and he is trying to tell Findus “We better save two blueberries for breakfast and you may have one now..”
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  1. JillianB0:46
  2. greet490:47
  3. gerdje170:54
  4. Jasper201:00
  5. alias2v1:02
  6. kuljah1:08
  7. sharktooth11:10
  8. Nette1:13
  9. aluisiop1:16
  10. eagleslair1:20


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So glad Findus has found a boat, now he has to try to convince Pettson to use it to get away from the Island. As for the Blueberries, get serious Pettson - how far do you think three Blueberries are going to go?


Silly Pettson. Three berries! That's not going to last them long. Hugs dear Eva and thanks. ♥♥


Hope Pettson listens well to Findus. 1 blueberry is not enough for little Findus.

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