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Long lost, but never forgotten

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  1. hsm2:16
  2. mmattera3:14
  3. Ianto3:39
  4. cobra3:51
  5. NewSong3:57
  6. The_Storyteller4:09
  7. paul89574:52
  8. Violalin6:09
  9. 52yearsofthis6:10
  10. Fowly6:13


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You're welcome Fowly, nice picks by you both :) if I could pick only 3 (the average based on your picks) I'd pick Jimi Hendrix(#6), Jim Morrison (#12) & Kurt Cobain #2), but I'd happily welcome everyone of them back any hour of any day, even night :)


Freddy Mercury, Whitney Houston, John Lennon and Elvis Presley. :)


Johnny Cash for his voice and lyrics…and Mozart for his fab music. I know only 6 of them unfortunately. Thanks for the post hsm. Fay.🦉 🌲 🦘

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