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What Is This ?

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This is now hard to find. :-))
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An ancient device (known as a TV gun) that sends electrons to color a big old RGB vacuum tube Television screen..
As note worthy as a flux capacitor to the modern generation :-))


a flux capacitor


Hah! Brass knuckles, an alligator clip and two smushed cigarettes! I hope you are well, Alex. Take care, my friend. Sharon ;-D ❤️


And your hint says obviously not a part that goes inside a toilet tank.


So not a tattoo gun? ;-)))


Or something as fine detail as a CRT cathode ray tube (old style TV tube) three color neck electron gun..
All our TVs watch screens even Space-X high-G are flat LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays) :-))


your hint suggests the tip to an inkjet printer


John, your keen eye detected an electrical clip cord..
This device is electronic..
Hint : RGB


Still thinking.


Jayne is warm..
Hint : It contains three plasma guns..
Still What is it ?
Or better how was/is it used ?
At one time every one unknowingly needed to use this daily :-))


A particle separator?


I will give it some thought. ;-)


A set of brass knuckles for the stars of the new "Alien vs. Predator" movie!


An Illudium Q36 exploding space modulator?

(I just made comment on another site about Marvin the Martian... getting extra mileage out of the comment.)

Otherwise, I have no idea other than it's small as John points out. The metal fins look like a heat sink of some kind.


John's answer is very clever. I'm coming up blank.


since it is being held by an alligator clip, it's pretty small ... a carburetor for a model plane/boat engine


A coin dispenser???


The inner workings of a Zippo lighter.



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