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Clockwork Heart 2

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  1. lulu226:53
  2. MsZazu7:00
  3. jessicaciao7:17
  4. DakotaBob27:20
  5. Matyas7:24
  6. dize57:33
  7. rbud577:36
  8. fast7:40
  9. classicfish7:55
  10. Chris429:07


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Hey, Daphne!

Sure miss hearing from you on Dollcollector and Bibliophile. I just saw that
you had been on Jigidi in July of 2019, and you have up until then solved
quite a few jigsaws.

I hope you are doing well, please keep in touch.

Your Old Friend jlou from years gone by


Quite a puzzle, daphne! jlou


A fun puzzle


Daphne, It was you, wasn't it that told me you had attempted
to put some information about the clown organization at the
hospital into your profile? It is late late and I tried to find it
but couldn't so I am writing in hopes of helping you to do that.
I also left a comment for you on Fractal Blue puzzle. Anyway,
I went to the profile page up in the right hand corner, and
scrolled down, I typed in Degrees: Hobbies: then I looked at them.
Went back to the profile, deleted them to see if I could delete info.
placed into the profile, and I could. So, I added the same words
I had typed in before Degrees: Hobbies: it is still there, I don't
know what problem you had, but hope this helps. Personally,
I would rather not tell any more about me, on this site, as I would
rather strange people (and there are some) not know more than I
wish to offer on here. I am in the U.S. are you? So I am glad
to have met you on jigidi, and consider me a friend. Hugs! jlou
And Please, when you visit my jigsaw puzzles, just say, Hi! It is me,


H'i Daphne696
Link to Flower 2 in sizes 154/252 see you soon :~)


Hi! daphne, I love this clockwork heart, should make a fun
and challenging puzzle. Will bookmark it.

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