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Sailor take warning

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  1. Jacie20043:55
  2. Syke6:30
  3. mariolyn6:43
  4. bumdimple6:43
  5. blurple536:51
  6. Jsjmkmb7:08
  7. Greggy617:19
  8. Fluffy457:51
  9. komtesa497:57
  10. leriger28:09


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@JuXe - Yes, the colours do blend together, but then that's a challenge I like sometimes. Doing fine, thanks. Hugs, Birgit

@rosesroses - I think that you're right about the atmospheric conditions in each situation, and of course, sailors of yore would certainly be in tuned to atmospheric pressure, even if perhaps they didn't totally understand the science of it.


Red sunrise in morning, sailors take warning.
Red sunset at night, sailors' delight.

I was always told that it had something to do with the quality of the air that foretold the weather for that day.


Hey Birgit smukt, men ret svært da farverne let smelter sammen :) Thank You hope you are having a good day? Hugs :))


Yes, but a lot of these old rhymes have reason for their existence because they were written based on actual events, so it wouldn't surprise me if the verse was an observance of nature.


Must be a sunrise photo for sailors to take warning. Sure would love to be on that sailing ship and find out of the old wives tale is correct!! Beautiful!

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