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Stirling Falls, NZ.

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Milford’s second-highest waterfall is Stirling Falls. At a staggering 151m in height, Stirling is three times the height of Niagara Falls, but the 1,300m mountain behind it disguises this incredible height. Put your waterproof jackets on.
Stirling Falls is the famous waterfall Hugh Jackman ‘jumped off’ in the movie Wolverine.
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Niagara Falls are very wide with huge volume of water, was lucky enough to visit it once also. Thank you Kay have a a great day


Thanks for the info about this photo and Stirling Falls, Jillian. The photo does remind me of Niagara Falls although this is certainly much taller. Was in the boat under Niagara and yes, they provide hooded ponchos to protect from the spray. ;-))


It really is Grand Taisia, thank you 😊


Magnificent scenery, Jill!


Dear friends sorry about the delay in response, just back after a couple of days away (Hanmer Springs). Thank you so much for your comments Michelle, Cyndi, Patti, Janet, Val, Lynette, Andie, Tea, Marina, Dobra and Brian.
Yes definitely a wet experience, when we went on it they gave you plastic ponchos, not sure if they still do.
Not my photo Andie, sorry you missed out on boat trip at Niagara Falls.
Brian I’m very happy Norman Bates did not appear lol.


Spectacular and magnificent waterfall Lady Jillian,
It’s one hell of a shower cubicle, look out here comes Norman Bates !!! 🔪🚿 !!!
Thanks mate.......B


Oh, this is a truly monumental waterfall!


It must be quite an experience to sail near it.. I'll look up this beautiful NZ waterfall!.


Perfect shot! It’s a stunning waterfall, thank you Jill for posting it for us :)


Did you take the photo from another boat Jill ? Must be very impressive
When we visited the West Coast on a package tour, Anaïs and I wanted to go on a boat trip around Niagara Falls but it was too late in the season (November) ,we were very disappointed .
So these falls are 3 times the height of NF ? WOW !!!


Lovely but looks like a very wet adventure Jillian :-)


Lovely thank you Jill☺♥


Beautiful thanks Jill, hugs my friend. ♥


WOW! Just fabulous, Jillian! Love it! Thank you!


I agree with Voronica...what a shot. I would love to be in that boat experiencing and listening to this waterfall.....


WOWWWWWW what an Outstanding pic and puzzle - I could feel the spray on my face ☺♥☺ xxxxxxxxxx


Voronica thank you, glad you enjoyed the falls Hugs


Jillian, what a SHOT! What an amazing gift of nature, thanks for sharing. Just looking at it is enough for me . . . Hugs* Voronica~


Ahh Juba you are a brave gal :))


Petra yes you definitely get wet, unless you chose to stay inside, but that’s not my style. :)

Jerry that pretty much sums it up.

Yeah Suzy think crink in your neck high. Awesome it is.

Jaklien yes I agree with Jerry too

Irina thank you for your comment, will translate it soon.

Put it like this Dj you have to shout to each other rather than talk to each other :)


Кажется они плывут в другое измерение. Горы разойдутся и они попадут в другой мир.


OMG this is breathtaking! The roar must be deafening! :-)) dj


Putting on my swimsuit :-)


Definitely, Jerry!


Feel that mist!!!!! I can't imagine 3 times the height of Niagara! How awesome it must be!


@JillianB Spectacular!


Did you get wet ?? :O)

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